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Welcome to Comprehensive Asset Management. Mobilized.

NEXGEN Asset Management Mobile brings our powerful EAM & CMMS software to the field, offering instant access to your organization’s entire asset database. In real time, maintenance managers can route work orders to field technicians who get instant notifications when work is assigned to them. Field users can easily open and close work orders, saving tremendous time, effort and resources. In addition to work orders, NEXGEN Asset Management Mobile provides an intuitively designed platform to manage service requests, inspections, condition assessments and warehouse inventory.

If your assets are already mapped with ESRI, NEXGEN Asset Management Mobile will display your entire asset database on a map, complete with GIS attributes, layers and base maps.


Why Go Mobile with Your EAM & CMMS Software?

The maintenance world is fast changing with the introduction of mobile technology. Maintenance teams can now work efficiently from the field by accessing work orders on mobile devices in real time and perform their tasks without being tied to the desk. With NEXGEN Asset Management Mobile, field technicians can instantly respond to work orders and service requests,complete the assigned work, check inventory levels, update resources and notify supervisors on asset condition without taking a single trip back to the office.
  • Speed up time-consuming data entry with QR codes that can be easily scanned using a mobile device.
  • Access information and record data on-the-go using mobile maintenance software.
  • Sustain paperless work order management by accessing, opening and closing work orders from a mobile device.
  • Save time by accelerating work allocation and sending instructions in seconds.
  • Track work status in real-time and view attachments, files and photos on your mobile device.

NEXGEN Asset Management Mobile Modules

  • Asset Inventory

    With NEXGEN’s mobile EAM &CMMS software, users can search for asset inventory, edit photos, modify information and create new assets. And everything gets updated in real time.

  • GIS

    See all assets relative to your current location. View service requests and work orders on the map. Powerful mapping capabilities allow users to view, edit and report information from the field, saving time and improving efficiency.

  • Service Requests

    Improve responsiveness, transparency and accountability with service requests that show up on the GIS map the moment they’re submitted by a customer. Field staff can instantly respond to service requests and see which ones are nearest to their current location, color coded by priority.

  • Work Orders

    Mobile work orders can transform the way your organization handles maintenance management. When work orders can be assigned, retrieved, edited and closed all from a mobile device then maintenance productivity and work efficiency is dramatically improved.

  • Warehouse Inventory

    NEXGEN Asset Management Mobile has a feature-rich warehouse inventory module that facilitates quick and easy management of multiple warehouses anytime, anywhere. The application supports bar code, QR code and RFID scanning.

  • Inspections

    Customizable inspection templates ensure compliance with regulatory requirements making routine inspections fast and efficient while improving public service delivery.

  • Condition Assessments

    Accurate and timely condition assessments are directly integrated with risk calculations and lifecycle planning to improve asset performance and extend the service life of vital assets while avoiding costly emergency repairs and premature failures.

Go Mobile with NEXGEN Asset Management Mobile, Now Available for iOS and Android Devices


NEXGEN Asset Management Mobile Features

  • Flexibility to deploy on a variety of mobile devices.
  • Full GIS integration with intuitive mapping features.
  • Wireless cloud syncing.
  • Capture asset information in the field.
  • Complete service requests and work orders remotely.
  • Access warehouse inventory from mobile devices.
  • Scan barcodes to instantly access asset or warehouse records.
  • Complete inspections on site and submit in real-time.
  • Conduct condition assessments from the field to update an asset’s actual remaining useful life.

Want a better understanding of how NEXGEN Asset Management Mobile can maximize efficiency and asset performance?

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