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Public Works

Government municipalities need to manage assets and equipment that span across hundreds of miles like pipelines, electric cables and roads. Using NEXGEN, government facilities can effectively manage numerous preventive and predictive maintenance activities on-demand and efficiently meet the growing needs of the community.


Designed by experienced engineers for addressing the asset management needs of water, wastewater and stormwater utilities, NEXGEN asset management’s scalable features simplify every single aspect including the monitoring of aging equipment and deteriorating infrastructures, allocating resources, ensuring compliance and mitigating risk for high priority projects.

Facility Maintenance

Organizations that take care of commercial structures like theaters, public parks, malls, hotels, hospitals, government offices and other public buildings need to keep a constant track of infrastructure maintenance. NEXGEN can simplify their daily work schedule and save tremendous time by monitoring predictive and preventive maintenance tasks and ensuring uptime of critical systems and equipment installed in these structures.

Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing plants produce tangible products and employ the use of assembly lines, forklifts, vital equipment and heavy-duty machinery that need ongoing maintenance, frequent repairs and periodic replacements. NEXGEN’s manufacturing maintenance software is designed to support every function in a manufacturing unit right from keeping assets organized and assigning work orders to placing purchase orders and scheduling preventive maintenance.

Fleet Management

NEXGEN’s advanced fleet management solution makes it quick and easy to manage a large fleet of vehicles by organizing assets, managing work orders, notifying customers to bring their vehicles for maintenance and tracking fuel consumption – all on one unified framework that is easy to access from any location!

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