Asset Management Tools for Every Industry

NEXGEN’s future-first software solutions provide a wide breadth of industries with the actionable intelligence and foresight to effect meaningful, strategic change through smarter lifecycle planning and risk mitigation.

Discover how the most powerful CMMS on the market—integrated with cutting-edge asset management capabilities—provides a game-changing end-to-end solution, tailored to your unique industry needs.

NEXGEN is the leader in industrial asset management software, which can fulfill all your infrastructure asset management software needs for public works, utilities, facilities, manufacturing, and more. 

Utilizing the best asset management software, which includes fixed assets software, work order management, business assets, and performance management, all in a cloud-based environment that can be accessed by mobile devices on the industry level, this is the best asset management software in the business. These software asset management tools can be leveraged by your hardware and software teams to manage assets, do software audits, and in the tracking of assets.

Modernizing asset operations with data-driven insights.

Our Industries

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Public Works

NEXGEN empowers the modernization of your public works organization by providing preventive and predictive maintenance analysis activities on-demand—to meet the dynamic requirements of your constituents using NEXGEN’s software asset management services and physical asset management software.


NEXGEN’s scalable asset management solutions enable decision-makers to proactively monitor and maintain the entire utility asset inventory, analyze aging equipment, allocate resources, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk with predictive analytics. This is the ideal environment for our fixed assets management software solutions.

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As a facility manager, you’re expected to ensure operations throughout your entire infrastructure run efficiently and reliably 24/7/365.

It’s possible with NEXGEN’s facilities predictive maintenance and management software, giving you the operational intelligence to holistically assess, diagnose, and plan for high-risk assets deteriorating inside your facilities. All of this makes it the best enterprise asset management software currently in use today.

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NEXGEN’s predictive manufacturing maintenance software empowers you to proactively monitor and maintain vital infrastructure assets and manufacturing lines. Automated alerts and instant notifications help prevent costly equipment failures and eliminate downtime.

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