Our enterprise-wide asset management software is designed to capture and manage every aspect of your asset inventory, create an effective maintenance program and prioritize maintenance funding by risk and criticality.

Backed by 25 years of hands-on experience of Asset Management program and software implementation expertise, NEXGEN’s Enterprise Asset Management and CMMS software is specifically developed to support industry standard asset management best practices. It combines a feature-rich CMMS system with fully loaded Asset Management planning tools. Seamless integrations with different technologies are available, eliminating the cumbersome task of coordinating across software solutions. NEXGEN Asset Management has been successfully implemented across multiple industries, including public works, utilities, facilities, manufacturing plants and fleets. Our easy-to-use Enterprise Asset Management Software includes every feature and functionality your organization needs for efficient and effective asset management.

Why Choose NEXGEN?

Organizations choose NEXGEN to simplify, speed up and streamline asset management because we’re the only firm that offers:

  • Unparalleled implementation expertise
  • Intuitively designed software
  • Service excellence
  • Proven in multiple industries
  • Only software to combine CMMS + Asset Management Planning

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NEXGEN Asset Management has been proven in multiple industries as a versatile software program designed to increase maintenance productivity while maximizing asset useful life.

Public Works

NEXGEN Asset Management is designed to help municipalities and public works departments effectively manage everything from work orders to asset inventories.


NEXGEN Asset Management is an effective tool that automates preventive and predictive maintenance schedules based on equipment criticality, risk of failure and run times.


NEXGEN Asset Management efficiently eliminates paperwork, enhances labor productivity and ensures compliance with regulatory and audit requirements.


NEXGEN Asset Management is professionally engineered to enable manufacturing facilities to streamline maintenance, stay organized, produce meaningful reports and reduce downtime.

Are you ready to leverage our enterprise-wide solution for maximum asset performance?

Our Products

NEXGEN offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions that incorporate robust features to enable organizations to manage everything from assets and maintenance to inventory and reporting while ensuring safe, effective and efficient management of operations.

A robust and reliable EAM software that manages all aspects of your organization’s asset management program, from linear and vertical assets, to customers and service requests, to corrective and preventive maintenance, to asset lifecycle planning and risk based capital improvement prioritization.

An intelligent CMMS available on desktop and mobile that keeps constant track of asset condition, work orders, resources and job costing in a single database to streamline and speed up maintenance operations.

An intuitively designed mobile asset management solution that speeds up data entry, supports paperless work management and saves time with features like QR code scanning and location services. Available on iOS and Android.

A user-friendly service request web portal designed for customers, employees and tenants to quickly submit and track service requests that get automatically routed into NEXGEN Asset Management.

An easy-to-use web portal that allows contractors to apply for city approval, manage work orders, upload documents and update license information from one convenient place.

Case Study

“…from less than 5% to 75% planned maintenance in under a year using NEXGEN Asset Management Software.”

We started using NEXGEN’s Asset Management software in 2008. The reason we went to NEXGEN was because they had the asset management module, which was something none of the other companies had. At the time we were 95%+ unplanned maintenance. Within a year, with the help of NEXGEN’s tech support people, we were able to achieve 75% planned maintenance… I would recommend NEXGEN to any organization looking to improve the efficiency of their asset management program. It’s simply the best CMMS software on the market today.

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