NEXGEN Facilities Maintenance and Management Software

Designed for the accurate monitoring of valuable assets and easy retrieval of information, NEXGEN facilities maintenance and management software is an easy-to-use web-based solution that combines an intuitive dashboard with excellent client support. It is an efficient tool that keeps your business operations running smoothly by:

  • Keeping a constant track of assets, work orders and service requests
  • Maximizing asset life by auto-generating preventive maintenance programs
  • Generating accurate reports that can filter relevant data in a variety of ways
  • Organizing asset hierarchies without any restrictions
  • Streamlining maintenance operations to prevent expensive oversights that can blow your maintenance budget
  • Ensuring the uptime of critical equipment across locations

One Asset Management Software Solution for Your Entire Organization

NEXGEN Facilities Asset Management Software is a comprehensive solution that is easy to deploy and accessible anytime-anywhere. It keeps facility managers on top of operations and everyone connected for real-time collaboration. It gives your maintenance technicians the ability to track, troubleshoot and report each and every equipment and asset on one centralized framework for improved productivity and timely maintenance of assets. NEXGEN Asset Management’s feature-rich modules are designed to meet your unique maintenance management needs. The feature highlights of this fully-loaded facilities asset management and maintenance software include:

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance at Your Fingertips

With NEXGEN facility management software, it becomes easy to manage and monitor every single asset across locations. The software automatically generates preventive maintenance schedules so that facility managers can avoid needless repairs and expensive replacements. It offers complete visibility into work orders, PM schedules and labor expenses to keep your activities organized and on track.

Efficient Management of Work Orders

Designed to streamline workflow and improve operational efficiency, this intuitive software allows facility managers to schedule, allocate and close work orders quickly and efficiently. Using NEXGEN Facilities Maintenance and Management Software, you can easily configure work order screens using desired fields and keep a constant track of all the work orders on a centralized system that captures every single activity associated with all assets and equipment across locations.

Easy Access on Mobile Apps

Quick and Easy Access on Mobile Apps

Device diversity has become an important aspect of every organization, regardless of its size and nature of operations. NEXGEN facility management software comes with multiple options for creating work orders and service requests that are seamlessly integrated with our mobile app to ensure the timely completion of inspections, maintenance activities and condition assessments.

Sharing Statistics with Top Management

An intelligently designed dashboard that effectively uses existing data to deliver accurate information on KPI stats; making it easy to share mission-critical information with decision makers.

Compatibility with Powerful Asset Management Planning Tools

NEXGEN Facilities Maintenance and Management Software is designed to seamlessly integrate with building automation, analytics, lighting, inventory, purchase and security systems for improved scheduling and resource planning.

Space Planning

Facility managers can effectively plan space utilization for maximum occupancy using the space management feature that offers end-to-end insights into how existing space is allocated and which areas can be utilized for production.

Equipment Management

Users can track all the equipment in a facility for improved accountability. As preventive maintenance schedules are auto generated, it becomes easy to barcode scan all the valuable assets for the quick and easy retrieval of information.

Risk Management

Mitigates risk by prioritizing asset maintenance activities based on inspection and condition assessments. Also facilitates the fast and easy identification of assets that need periodic maintenance for compliance with safety guidelines and regulatory standards.

Accurate Reporting

Accurate reports allow facility managers to keep a constant track of maintenance work to be performed on vital equipment and machinery. NEXGEN maintenance and facilities management system also makes compliance easily traceable, thus reducing the risk of heavy noncompliance penalties.

Life Cycle Planning

NEXGEN Facilities Maintenance and Management Software enables the facility managers to budget maintenance and prevent expensive repairs by shifting the focus from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance. As all the major processes are bifurcated into modules, life-cycle management of assets becomes easy due to accurate funding forecast and precise capacity planning.

Advantages of Implementing NEXGEN Facilities Maintenance and Management Software

  • Ensures compliance
  • Reduces costly repairs and replacements
  • Customizable features adapt to suit your unique requirements
  • Optional modules that expand to accommodate the growing needs of your organization
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Enhances labor productivity
  • Reduces downtime
  • Improves safety

All of these eventually result in extending the service life of equipment, improved productivity, energy savings, reduced overtime and lower repair costs. If you are looking for a proven and scalable facilities maintenance and management solution, call us now!

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