NEXGEN Asset Management has been designed by professional engineers for water, wastewater and stormwater utilities. Engineers have created the software to address utilities’ asset management goals that include lifecycle management of aging infrastructure, stringent regulatory compliance, condition assessment, risk management and funding of capital improvement prioritization projects.

Plants & Pipes Asset Inventory

NEXGEN Asset Management is specifically designed to effectively manage both plants and pipes asset inventories. NEXGEN Asset Management’s flexible asset inventory module allows users to organize their unique asset hierarchies without any limitations. Water distribution, sewer collection and stormwater collection systems can seamlessly integrate their ESRI Geographic Information System (GIS) to allow users to graphically manage and create reports. Users can easily find assets and keep assets organized by creating unlimited number of locations, sublocations, classes and subclasses. Users that prefer to have separate databases have the option to create multiple domains.

Work Orders & Preventive Maintenance

Corrective and preventive maintenance work order management is easily managed and scheduled in NEXGEN Asset Management. Preventive maintenance programs will automatically create work orders by schedule or run times. NEXGEN Asset Management’s SCADA integration allows users to trigger preventive maintenance work orders based on equipment run times.

Customer Service Levels

NEXGEN Asset Management’s customer and service request modules allow public works departments to effectively support their service levels. NEXGEN Asset Management’s external service request web pages can be easily integrated into the public work’s website, which allows customers to generate service requests that automatically integrate with the software.

Condition Assessment

NEXGEN AM’s condition assessment module facilitates consistent condition assessment practices and automatically calculates Asset Condition Index (ACI) scores that determine the probability of failure of assets. Users who manage sewer or stormwater pipe condition assessments using CCTV can automatically migrate CCTV data directly into NEXGEN Asset Management.

Mobile Asset Management

Powerful mobile applications are designed to maximize work efficiency in the field. iOS and Android applications allow workers to remotely open and close work orders, respond to service requests, view and update asset inventory, access warehouse inventory, complete condition assessments and conduct inspections.

Asset Management & Lifecycle Planning

Lifecycle planning, funding forecast and capital planning prioritization modules allow utilities to budget for long term asset management requirements. Users can be confident that they are investing appropriate resources on the highest priority projects.

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