Equipment downtime and maintenance breakdowns in a manufacturing facility can not only bring the operations to a grinding halt but also cost a lot of time, man-hours and resources. Our robust EAM and CMMS software is designed to eliminate unnecessary losses and unplanned downtime by helping you monitor and maintain vital infrastructure assets and manufacturing lines across locations with automated alerts and instant notifications. With NEXGEN Asset Management, facility managers can schedule maintenance tasks, stay on top of current work status, send emergency work orders in seconds and automate every forgettable task while saving time and staying focused on what actually matters.

Streamline. Synchronize. Save Time.


Managing the operations of a manufacturing facility or a production plant can get very tedious and time-consuming for facility managers who rely on documented records and paper logs for tracking inventory, recording repairs and scheduling maintenance. There are many problems that arise with the manual approach as it is prone to human errors and inaccuracies leading to confusion and waste of time. NEXGEN is a comprehensive CMMS designed for efficient management of work orders and preventive maintenance tasks while ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Staying Organized with the CMMS Edge


Being an intuitive asset management solution for manufacturing facilities, NEXGEN can optimize every seemingly endless maintenance task and save time with easy sharing. Designed to serve diversified business needs and manage complex inventories across multiple locations with ease, it automates your entire facility management system from start to finish – no matter your size and scope! NEXGEN keeps every single system in the facility organized and accessible for efficient management. A centralized solution with a single point of access for the facility managers and the maintenance crew, it speeds up the identification of issues and facilitates timely resolution of service requests.

Benefits of CMMS for the Manufacturing Industry

NEXGEN’s manufacturing maintenance software is designed to reduce equipment downtime and lower your labor costs by:

Automating Work Order Management

Even if a single machine breaks down, the entire chain of workflow comes to a screeching halt. The scalability of NEXGEN enables facility managers to define maintenance priorities based on critical work orders and avoid expensive delays and downtimes.

Prioritizing Tasks for Better Scheduling

A CMMS offers instant access to ongoing and upcoming work which enables the maintenance crew to concentrate on vital maintenance tasks. It offers an end-to-end view of the work status and facilitates better decision making which eventually prevents disruption and lowers repair and replacement costs.

Notifying the Maintenance Crew on Every Upcoming Maintenance Task

Sends instant notifications to the designated maintenance crew and makes it easy to monitor and manage every work order. It also tracks which preventive maintenance task is overdue, which is still pending and which is ongoing. With real-time insights into work status, there is no excuse for delays and discrepancies.

Integrating Audits and Inspections to Ensure Compliance with Safety Procedures

Safety is a prime concern in manufacturing facilities and with NEXGEN, all your audits and inspections are tied to your maintenance data so that safety procedures can be monitored and made visible to the entire maintenance crew and the safety team.

Auto-generating Reports for Effective Use of Existing Information

Mission-critical KPI stats are available from accurate reports for informed decision making. This helps in streamlining every task right from planning inventory and scheduling work orders to analyzing energy consumption and tracking labor costs. As everything is compiled on a single-window framework, it becomes easy to exercise complete control on the preventive maintenance spend and achieve optimum plant performance.

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