Increasing Efficiency in the Field through a Mobile Asset Management Program

There is often a time lapse between what happens in the field and a customer complaint. Companies are finding more and more that their customers are disgruntled because an issue they had reported had not been fixed in a timely manner. We live in a time in which customers are demanding quicker response times for their concerns. However, workers in the field may not have access to these customer issues in an efficient manner, and this is where it becomes useful and even necessary to begin deploying a mobile asset management program.

When it comes to implementing an efficient mobile asset management program, NEXGEN Asset Management has the solution: NEXGEN’s iPad application. NEXGEN Asset Management’s Software Developer Team has developed the NEXGEN iPad application, which enables field users to efficiently manage assets, service requests, work orders, and parts in real-time. This allows workers in the field to respond quickly to customer issues and make better decisions.

NEXGEN AM’s mobile application allows users to access their asset management plan anywhere in the field. The application can be downloaded from iTunes. The benefits of a mobile asset management program include increasing staff productivity, capturing asset information in the field, completing service requests and work orders remotely, and accessing parts inventory and asset inventory. In addition, field users can quickly and easily take pictures of an asset directly in the field. This step saves workers’ time as they do not have to come out again and take pictures with a camera; they can quickly snap a picture using their iPad.

Mobile licensing is included in the concurrent user desktop licenses, so there is no extra charge to download and utilize the NEXGEN Asset Management mobile application. Upgrades to the mobile application can be conveniently updated from iTunes. Lastly, NEXGEN Asset Management provides webinars on how to make the most out of the mobile asset management application, so field users can make the most out of the program. Through the use of a mobile asset management program, field users can make assessments and solutions anywhere and anytime.