Ever since the arrival of PC-based computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) systems in the early 1980s, companies have been adapted to this method so as to reduce paper works. Over the period of time, the DOS based CMMS software gradually progressed to LAN- and WAN-based systems commonly referred to as client server technology (CST).

The challenge of multiple databases and synchronizing data between locations, maintenance and support there are hidden costs. The Cloud CMMS has taken off because it solves these problems.

A Web Based CMMS System Is A Better Choice

Flexible: There are two options for installing a Web-based CMMS, either by installing it on your own server or it can be hosted by a vendor (service provider). The second one is preferred as hardware maintenance is the vendor’s responsibility as it also minimizes the initial investment.

On the Move treatment: Web-based CMMS allows maintenance managers and supervisors to use from anywhere but at one condition, Internet connection.

Maintenance support: The provider’s tech support can log right in and see exactly what you are seeing and then troubleshoot which brings faster resolution to any type of issues, concerns or questions. This is labor intensive whilst offering better quality service at a lower overall cost.

To summarize, the fact that maintenance managers to use Web-based CMMS from anywhere is very beneficial for better service, lower overall costs and more convenience.