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NEXGEN Asset Management / Computerized Maintenance Management System

Maximize asset life and labor productivity through an intuitively designed and incredibly versatile CMMS software

NEXGEN Asset Management is the only software program to combine a robust computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) with advanced asset management planning capabilities. The result is improved operational efficiency, complete awareness of asset performance and powerful risk analysis for maintenance prioritization.

What is CMMS?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) enables organizations of various types to keep constant track of every vital asset, whether it is a machine, vehicle, building or a linear asset such as a street or pipeline. A primary CMMS function is to manage the maintenance program for those assets by assisting maintenance managers in scheduling repairs and preventive maintenance tasks, monitor work order progress in real-time and ensure regulatory compliance.

CMMS tracks assets, maintenance, warehouse inventory, customer service requests and operational performance – all in one place. Most computerized maintenance management programs also give maintenance teams the essential tools they need to conduct work in the field through the use of mobile devices.

A CMMS incorporates a central storage location and user-friendly dashboard tools for managing asset related data and information.It also generates valuable reports that make it easy to track work progress, asset condition, parts usage, material management and maintenance activity throughout the asset lifecycle.

CMMS – The Parts

Computerized Maintenance Management Software – Empowering maintenance teams, automating operations and improving safety


Computerized means that with a CMMS, your mission critical maintenance information is all accessible in one place and will remain safely stored on a secure server either hosted locally or on the cloud.


Maintenance refers to what the end-users of CMMS do day in day out,whether it entails responding to corrective work orders or performing regular inspections on vital assets.


Management is a key feature of CMMS that offers real-time insights into maintenance needs, work order schedules, inventory counts, funding forecasts and many other vital oversight functions.


A system is formed from the combination of features and functionalities within a CMMS. A fully-loaded CMMS enables maintenance managers to efficiently execute maintenance schedules while saving time, effort and cost.

The Capabilities of a CMMS Software

Why computerized maintenance management system is essential for running an efficient business:

  • Accelerating work order completion rate.
  • Reducing unexpected breakdowns.
  • Eliminating paperwork.
  • Cutting maintenance costs.
  • Reducing stock outs.
  • Increasing worker productivity.
  • Automating manual processes.
  • Extending the service life of assets.
  • Ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards.
  • Reducing overtime and improving accountability.
  • Making processes move faster with an optimized inventory system.
  • Preventing backlog and improving equipment reliability.
  • Generating accurate reports for informed decision making.

Discover how NEXGEN can manage your organization’s enterprise asset management system.

Difference Between CMMS and EAM

Both Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system enable organizations to shift their maintenance strategy from reactive to preventive by automating PM schedules and improving asset management, but they differ in scope. While CMMS is a tool geared strictly towards work order management, EAM software is an enterprise level solution that takes an all-encompassing approach to asset management.

EAM software is designed to accommodate multiple departments and divisions within a single organization, providing maintenance teams with the tools they need to complete maintenance and managers the tools they need to make informed asset management decisions.

CMMS Software

Enterprise Asset Management Software

  • A CMMS is typically used for managing the maintenance of assets during their service life – when they are up and running.
  • EAM Software, on the other hand, is used for managing assets throughout their lifecycle – from installation to disposal.
  • CMMS maintains an electronic database of maintenance operations.
  • EAM Software capabilities include maintenance operation tools, but also lifecycle planning features in addition to standard features available in CMMS.
  • The functionalities of a CMMS are restricted to automated maintenance scheduling, managing inventory and tracking asset condition.
  • EAM software offers an end-to-end view of funding needs based on asset risk and criticality, as well as materials, maintenance schedules and customer engagement – all at your fingertips to help make informed decisions.

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