Manufacturing equipment is expensive and you cannot afford to replace the machinery every time it breaks down or something goes wrong with it. Moreover, equipment downtime will eventually lead to lost production which will have a direct impact on profits. If you are still following reactive maintenance, it is time to switch to proactive maintenance. You can achieve this through CMMS implementation – it won’t just offer more control of the manufacturing plant but also help you prevent equipment breakdown and failure.

Let us look at 5 more benefits of implementing CMMS software in your manufacturing plants.

  1. Proper Maintenance of Equipment

Every manufacturing plant comprises of large equipment that produces various products. It must be ensured that the manufacturing equipment and machinery is maintained properly so that it runs optimally. When the manufacturing equipment doesn’t work to specifications, the end result would be a poor-quality product being produced and sent to the customers. This will increase the number of dissatisfied customers who may end up cancelling orders with you, leading to serious financial losses for a manufacturing company.

Having a CMMS solution within the manufacturing facility will prevent this from happening. It helps in scheduling preventive maintenance procedures that will make sure that the manufacturing equipment remains in good condition and runs efficiently. Even if there is a breakdown, you can deal with it promptly as you will have quick access to equipment history, warranty information, manufacturer information, etc., via computerized maintenance management software. CMMS programs may even enable you to keep track of maintenance inventory to ensure that spare parts are available when you need them. This will reduce the downtime and the time required for repair work.

  1. Productivity will be Increased

Preventive maintenance software helps in increasing productivity, which is good news for manufacturing technicians. They can get quick access to the information they need to complete scheduled preventive maintenance, which includes step-by-step procedures, lists of the required spare parts and tools, etc. This allows maintenance technicians to perform maintenance tasks without interruption or delay. All of this equates to increased productivity and less downtime.

  1. Facilitates Informed Maintenance Decisions

As computerized maintenance management systems can collect maintenance statistics, it will enable maintenance managers to track key performance indicators (KPIs). This makes it easy for the maintenance managers to report the status of their maintenance management programs to upper management. Moreover, it will give the maintenance managers a broader view which will help them identify problems with various organizational aspects such as staffing, equipment, and inventory.

  1. Downtime and Repair Time Will Be Reduced

Every single piece of equipment in a manufacturing facility plays a critical role. If there is an issue with even one, it will have the potential to bring down the whole manufacturing process. Products will no longer be manufactured and delivered to the customers. If you maintain your assets regularly, they will be less prone to downtime or repairs. When there are fewer breakdowns, the repair costs will also reduce and the overall productivity will be increased —both of which result in measurable savings. EAM will also help maintenance managers ensure that the uptime is maximized due to the good condition and performance of their assets.

  1. Regulatory Compliance

It goes without saying that every industry has to follow various regulations in order to prevent accidents, produce high-quality products and avoid injuries in the workplace. Manufacturing companies are no different as it needs to comply with several regulations at the workplace.

Implementing manufacturing maintenance management software will be extremely helpful in keeping your business compliant and avoiding hefty fines by documenting the maintenance of assets. It also helps in proving to the concerned regulatory agencies that the required maintenance tasks and inspections have been performed on all the equipment.

If you think that incorporating facility maintenance software is an added expense, eliminate that thought. Rather, view it as something that will enable you to make profits and as an essential tool that will ensure that your equipment always performs optimally. You will be practically investing in your business’s future when you choose to implement NEXGEN CMMS solution at your manufacturing plant. So, don’t think twice about taking that plunge even if you have wobbly legs about making that decision.