Why Organizations Need Web-based CMMS Software

Cloud-based CMMS or web-based CMMS has become the preferred maintenance management solution in every industry because it is a hosted service that works on all major web browsers including chrome, internet explorer, firefox and safari and can be accessed anytime, anywhere using the Internet. Using a full-featured web CMMS like NEXGEN Asset Management does not need any software installation and it is intuitively designed to ensure a user-friendly browsing experience. Web-based maintenance management systems empower organizations to stay focused on core operations while avoiding the need to hire additional IT staff and worrying about technical matters like data security, upgrades, and backups.

The Major Benefits of Using Web-Based CMMS

Reduced IT Spend

The applications running on web-based CMMS are stored on cloud technology and this eliminates the need for IT support required to deploy and maintain technology infrastructure.

Instant Access to Data

Web based CMMS brings unsurpassed mobility to maintenance operations with instant access to mission-critical data on every internet-enabled device.

Complete Data Protection

With web-based CMMS software, organizations don’t need to worry about hard drive failures and loss of data because all your data remains securely backed up at all times.

Lower TCO and Higher ROI

Web CMMS comes at a lower upfront cost as compared to client-hosted options and maximizes ROI by eliminating paperwork, automating maintenance and improving customer experience.

Automatic Updates to the Latest Version

Web-based CMMS software updates automatically so your maintenance team does not need to look after hosting, backups and security even as you continue to use the latest version.

Web-based maintenance management system gets your apps up and running in an instant while reducing onsite deployment and maintenance costs. It also eliminates the need for employing trained IT teams for implementing CMMS and saves the time, effort and money which can be invested on the real work of inspecting, maintaining and repairing vital assets.