Today, everything is mobile. Mobile technology is great for a lot of reasons, but its true power is in the time it saves us doing, well, just about anything. Just try to think back to the days before email, cell phones, or text messaging. Virtually instant communication to just about anyone in the world is now a quick and effortless process. Or how about photography – just 10 years ago, if you wanted to take a picture, you would have to buy a roll of film that gave you only 27 chances to take the perfect shot, but you wouldn’t know if you had captured that shot until your film was developed. Now you can take a picture, see it instantly, edit it, and share it with millions of people all around the world in seconds. The list of how mobile technology saves us time goes on.

So what does this have to do with Computer Maintenance Management Systems? The very same technologies that have taken our social lives to an entirely new level can now cause the efficiency of your business processes to go through the roof.

Just imagine, a customer finds a broken sprinkler head on your company’s property and water is spewing everywhere…

10 years ago: the customer tries to find the appropriate department with whom to report the damage and eventually submits a ticket to an employee who creates a service request on paper. The maintenance department then sends out an employee to check out the damage. Upon assessing the issue, the employee returns to the office and submits a paper work order for the damage to be fixed. Eventually, after much back and forth to and from the maintenance department, and after a whole bunch of paper forms have been filled out, the sprinkler head is repaired, but not before your company has a new lake for everyone to enjoy.

Today: the customer instantly reports the issue through an easy to use service request app that integrates with your company’s CMMS. A maintenance employee immediately sees the service request on her iPad along with a picture of the problem, and goes and checks it out. She then creates a work order on the spot, checks inventory to make sure the proper parts are in stock, and gets the issue fixed within minutes.

The combination of mobile capability with a robust CMMS is powerful. Not only will it save your employees hours of time, but it will ensure issues are resolved quickly, if not prevented in the first place, which means… more satisfied customers!