Numerous companies are joining the bandwagon of implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) within their facilities. They understand how important maintenance software is for achieving success. In fact, it can be considered a catalyst to gain a competitive edge in the market. But how can you use it best to get that edge? Read on to know the answer.

How to Gain Competitive Edge Using CMMS

There are five ways to gain a competitive edge using Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in your facility.

  • Helps in Managing Inventory Better

Asset maintenance software helps in tracking the spare parts in the inventory, gives an insight on when to reorder and knows when they’ll be coming in. All of this is important for running the business in an organized manner. You will be unable to do your work if any part is missing or unavailable. You must keep the parts inventory updated so that you don’t lose time and money.

You can set up monthly orders and add to them as and when necessary. This ensures that all the parts reach within time so that the shipments can be sent within deadlines, thus helping you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

  • Helps you Provide Better Customer Service

Provide information to your customers regarding their orders, history, miscellaneous details, etc., using CMMS. This software helps in keeping your customers well-informed and providing better customer service that other companies may not be able to offer.

By using the Reporting tool, you can send monthly reports to all your customers automatically. Moreover, it helps them understand where their money is being spent, what they can expect and what they would get for the amount they are spending.

  • Saves Time by Automating Request Processes

Automating request processes will help you save time and money. When your customers call to place their order, your employees may make an error in taking down the order or waste too much time. Work order software prevents this as it automates the processes and offers high accuracy.

You must set up email notifications so that the concerned employee knows when the orders will be coming in.

  • Enables You to Keep up With Scheduled Maintenance Appointments

Your equipment must be compliant with national and international standards. You must make sure that everything stays up-to-date and is maintained regularly. If you run a large company that has a lot of equipment and hundreds of employees, you might forget about regular maintenance. However, you don’t have to worry about that when you have preventive maintenance software.

You can automate preventive maintenance by setting it on auto-generation. This enables tasks to come in as per the work orders. This helps you gain on crucial time to focus on other important management issues while the system does all the other maintenance work for you.

  • Helps in Mapping Employee Performance

There is a possibility that you may overlook slacking employees or those who deserve a promotion if the business keeps you extremely busy. However, with CMMS software you can track the status of various employees and other tasks. Thus, you can easily analyze and assess every employee’s role in the company.
With an industry-compliant program, you can compare the current responsibilities of various employees with the vendors’ recommended ones. You can check how each employee is faring in various aspects, like skills required for using any software, machine functions, etc.

The goal of every business is to succeed and do better than its competitors. CMMS is the answer to how you can achieve this goal. Contact us at NEXGEN, and find out more about the benefits of CMMS and how it can help your business make more business, by lending you that competitive edge.