Managing a manufacturing plant is a mammoth task. Every plant consists of different equipment and heavy-duty machinery to produce tangible products. However, this equipment will need regular maintenance and repairs to ensure that the production doesn’t stop due to unexpected breakdown or prolonged downtime.

If you go for the traditional pen and paper approach to manage the facility, you will face several issues. This is why you must incorporate CMMS as it can help in reducing or eliminating several manufacturing problems. In this post, we will look at 5 such issues that CMMS helps in minimizing.

5 Manufacturing Problems That CMMS Minimizes

  • Non-deliverance of Products Due to Equipment Breakdown

The machine breaks down unexpectedly and now you can’t deliver the product on time. It sounds nothing less than a nightmare, right? This problem can burn a hole in your pocket and put a dent on your reputation. If you have a wide variety of equipment, where the breakdown of one may affect the others, it will halt the entire process where no product will be produced or delivered at the end. Implementing asset management software can help you tackle this problem.

Every machine has its own maintenance cycles, where some cycles will be based on time and some on the quantity of the products created. CMMS will help the maintenance managers create preventive maintenance tasks and work orders based on these frequencies. You can even keep a track of maintenance inventory that includes supplies and spare parts. Doing this will ensure that you can immediately repair a breakdown without incurring major product losses.

  • Sub-par Quality of Products

The main job of manufacturing plants isn’t just to churn out products and deliver to the customers. You have to make sure that even the quality of these products is up to standard. If you don’t pay attention, you might risk sending sub-standard quality products to the customers. This will lead to customer dissatisfaction who may end up canceling orders. This will be a major blow to the company if your client list includes some big customers. You will suffer losses, the worst case scenario being forced into bankruptcy.

Enterprise asset management will ensure that every piece of equipment is running as per specifications. The records from CMMS of all the preventive maintenance and repair work done will help in identifying the problems in the equipment that need to be addressed. You can be assured that the quality of the products isn’t compromised at any stage.

  • Premature Deterioration of Machines Due to Poor Maintenance

If the equipment isn’t maintained properly, it will end up having a short life. Your maintenance team should be able to keep the equipment up to specifications so that there are fewer breakdowns and repair work, thus ensuring equipment’s longevity. Replacing machinery is a huge expense and you will have to do it more often if it isn’t maintained well. With preventive maintenance software, you can track the maintenance requirements on different equipment. This way, you won’t miss out on maintenance service for any equipment.

  • Regulatory Penalties due to Non-Compliance

Numerous industries need to follow various regulations during the manufacturing processes. If you cannot prove during inspections that compliance was adhered to and all the required regulations were followed, your company may face severe penalties. It might even result in bad PR for the company.

Computerized maintenance management system will help you keep the necessary records. You can provide these as a record of all the work done and prove that you were diligent in maintaining assets and equipment within the facility.

  • Inability to Manage Maintenance Costs

If you have the statistics, you can give accurate reports on the status of the maintenance management program to the higher management of the organization. You can make comprehensive detailed reports using CMMS. It enables you to make a detailed analysis, thus helping you identify different problems with equipment, staffing and spare parts in an effective way.

You must have a facility maintenance software that has scalable features so that it can grow with your company and its needs. NEXGEN’s CMMS solution also allows you to monitor aging equipment and deteriorating infrastructures apart from allocating resources, ensuring compliance and mitigating risk for high priority projects.