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What is Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software?

Enterprise Asset Management Software, also known as “EAM” Software, is designed to manage every aspect of infrastructure management. With EAM Software, organizations can manage linear and vertical assets, boundary-based assets and buried assets throughout their lifecycle – from procurement and installation to maintenance and replacement.

It can be used to customize and implement asset management programs that aim to reduce the cost of owning, operating and servicing vital assets. It also enables organizations to identify the interdependencies of asset performance, labor productivity, lifecycle costs, maintenance, repairs, replacements and capital planning.

Simply put, EAM Software is a smart way of managing, monitoring and maintaining physical assets throughout their entire lifecycle.


6 Key Components of EAM Software

  • A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that focuses on maintaining assets, work orders and resource planning.
  • Automated inspections and condition assessments to monitor assets.
  • Maintaining service levels by managing customer service requests and tracking response times.
  • Warehouse inventory management.
  • Tracking all asset related costs.
  • Integrations with other information systems.

NEXGEN's Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software

With aging infrastructure and increased emphasis on fiscal sustainability, asset management is no longer something that’s just nice to have. It’s a necessity.

Asset intensive organizations like utilities, facilities and public works departments are expected to ensure timely and consistent service delivery to their respective communities and stakeholders. In an ideal world, assets are maintained at peak efficiency while asset-related operating costs are reduced through planned maintenance and risk analysis. NEXGEN Asset Management can help your agency achieve just that with state-of-the-art Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software.

NEXGEN’s EAM software helps organizations schedule preventive maintenance, identify which assets are most likely to fail based on risk and criticality and accurately predict equipment reliability, all while maintaining service levels. All of this is built in to our robust Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Seamless integration with other information systems is a crucial puzzle piece in organizational efficiency. NEXGEN has prewritten Web APIs to accommodate many different types of integrations, so your EAM software runs in conjunction with GIS, accounting, SCADA and other systems.

NEXGEN’s compressive software suite is your organization’s first step in setting up a holistic Enterprise Asset Management program.

NEXGEN’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software Allows Organizations to:

  • Improve asset utilization and enhance longevity.
  • Stay on top of assets, work orders and maintenance schedules at anytime from anywhere.
  • Store, share and maintain the condition assessments of various asset classes in a single database.
  • Keep track of preventive maintenance programs based on run times or schedules.
  • Prioritize maintenance and resource allocation based on the risk of failure and equipment criticality.
  • Maximize labor productivity and equipment uptime with easy and instant access to warehouse inventory.
  • Identify which capital assets are most likely to fail and plan accordingly.
  • Mobilize your workforce.
  • Drive performance (even with reduced capital and limited resources).
  • Accurately predict asset reliability issues and proactively address then to prevent costly failures.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by accelerating service request response time and customer communication.
  • Make intelligent decisions with robust reporting and Asset Management Intelligence (AMI) features.
  • Integrate with other information systems for seamless connectivity across various solutions.
  • Ensure compliance with maintenance and inspection regulations.

NEXGEN Asset Management Features

NEXGEN’s EAM Solution incorporates a comprehensive suite of robust features that are designed to enable organizations to operate at peak efficiency while preventing costly breakdowns.


A complete asset inventory and accurate condition assessment are the foundations to developing a comprehensive asset management program.


Robust functionalities and easy-to-use maintenance management designed to effectively manage benchmark operations and preventive maintenance programs.


Relevant customer information and service request management are key factors in delivering targeted service levels.

Asset Management Planning

Asset management planning incorporates all the principles of asset management such as lifecycle planning, funding forecasts and risk-based capital improvement prioritization scenarios.


Comprehensive resource management results in better planning, more accurate costing and more efficient management of employees, equipment and contractors.


Manage all aspects of your warehouse, from parts to POs to cycle counts, completely integrated with the CMMS.


Simple to use reporting tools help make data-based intelligent asset management decisions through hundreds of canned reports or ad-hoc reports.


Ample administration and security tools offer unparalleled scalability and the ability to tailor the software to your exact workflows.

Learn how NEXGEN Asset Management can help your organization maintain assets, work orders and resources.

Who Uses NEXGEN's EAM Solution

NEXGEN’s EAM Software is used by organizations from several industries to manage planning, organizing, managing and monitoring maintenance operations in real-time.

Government/Public Works

NEXGEN’s EAM solution is specifically designed to help Municipalities and Public Works Departments effectively manage linear and vertical assets in a single database. Easily keep track of everything from work orders to inspections to warehouse inventory. Only NEXGEN can address your organization’s asset management goals including risk management, condition assessment, regulatory compliance, resource allocation and lifecycle planning.


Energy & Utilities

Created by engineers, NEXGEN’s EAM software efficiently manages linear assets such as water pipes, fiber optic cables and water collection systems, as well as vertical assets like plants and pump stations. NEXGEN automates preventive and predictive maintenance programs through versatile scheduling options and SCADA integration. Asset criticality and risk are constantly monitored to prevent costly breakdowns.


Facilities Management

Organizations responsible for maintaining valuable assets and taking care of buildings use NEXGEN’s EAM software to eliminate paperwork, enhance labor productivity, ensure compliance and reduce downtime with precise maintenance workload planning and accurate funding forecasts.



Downtime = lost revenues. Manufacturing plants use NEXGEN’s EAM to maintain machinery, heavy equipment and assembly lines by streamlining maintenance schedules and solving problems before they arise.


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