Mobile CMMS brings you a much better way to accomplish daily duties with improved clarity and enhanced efficiency. Enterprises that have invested in cloud-based asset management software with mobile capabilities can dramatically increase their productivity and profits by leveraging the following features and functionalities:

  1. Accelerate Asset Tracking with QR Codes  

With mobile asset management software, it is possible to generate a unique QR code for every vital equipment and asset you have. This allows maintenance professionals to access any information right from work order priority to completion status to inventory levels. When integrated with a mobile app, this intuitively designed solution drastically reduces the time and effort invested in locating assets and parts in a browser-based system. It uses the inbuilt camera in your mobile device for scanning barcodes making it easier to precisely pin down any location on the GIS map.

  1. Improve Work Order Clarity with Instant Notifications

With mobile asset management, it is possible to use the device camera for taking pictures which can be easily added to the maintenance records for improved work clarity. For example, if a vital machine gets overheated due to prolonged work hours, anyone from the maintenance crew can instantly notify the assigned technician regarding the work order status along with a picture and the maintenance plan.

  1. Get Work Done Faster with Geo-Tagging Features

Mobile CMMS tags work orders and assets geographically across locations, enabling the maintenance crew to determine the most efficient and effective way to complete the work on time. When managing a vast facility that houses hundreds of machines and equipment, the geo-tagging features offers a high-level of visibility into every task which in turn boosts productivity. A recent study performed on enterprises using mobile CMMS has revealed that mobility has helped manufacturers keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, advancing industry practices and rising maintenance demands.

  1. Decrease Response Times

With mobile asset management, technicians can receive instant notifications anywhere. So, if an emergency situation arises, it is possible to respond immediately and fix the issue right away. Decreased response times mean faster and efficient service which in turn saves both time and money.

  1. Reduce Risk and Accidents

The risk of accidents is greatly reduced when issues are addressed on time. Mobile CMMS comes with features that keep all the areas of work in sync and ensure that all the assets work at their required safety standards. It minimizes the loss of man-hours caused due to accidents and reduces the risk of hefty penalties by ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Mobile CMMS is easy to deploy, compatible with various mobile gadgets, and efficiently captures asset information anytime, anywhere to facilitate remote completion of service requests. With mobile asset management, managers can take smart decisions at the right time and technicians stay fully-equipped with all the necessary software and hardware at any time on their mobile devices. When everyone is on the same page operations become more convenient to control and workers become more efficient and this propels the organization towards sustainable success.