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Performance Module

Performance Module

Get the most out of your data – effectively manage your organization’s performance with well defined service levels and meaningful performance reports.

The common denominator among all of the asset management elements is working towards meeting the stakeholders’ desired levels of service. The service level is the foundation for developing an asset management program. NEXGEN Asset Management is designed to not only help organization meet service levels, but also track and report on critical information, such as service request response times and average times work orders are open.

How It Works

Transforming information to knowledge through performance reports is critical to making good asset management decisions.

NEXGEN Asset Management’s Performance Reports are easily generated through hundreds of standard performance reports or customized through simple report generation tools. Real time performance metrics are fully customizable. There is no longer a need to ask the reporting expert in the office to generate reports. Any user can easily view and create custom reports through our Performance Reports module. NEXGEN Asset Management standard performance measurements are broken into three main categories:

Our push reporting tool allows users to create schedules to automatically send reports to key stakeholders, allowing them to track performance against service levels.

If your organization needs highly customized or specially formatted reports, our expert report designers are trained to develop professionally designed reports to fit exact specifications.

Performance Reports Highlights

  • Hundreds of predefined performance reports that adhere to asset management best practices
  • Simple user defined custom performance reports
  • Push reports are automatically sent to stakeholders according to preset schedules

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