NEXGEN Smart: Intelligent Asset Management

What if the future wasn’t luck?

What if you possessed the tools to peek around the bend, strengthening today what’s at risk tomorrow? Let us show you how artificial intelligence can be used in asset management.

NEXGEN Asset Management Intelligence drives smarter capital planning and risk mitigation. Your organization will start making its own luck, fully prepared for whatever curveball the future may throw at you.

Meet NEXGEN’s smart artificial intelligence asset management tool.

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Intelligent asset management solutions
for the challenges of tomorrow

Intelligent Asset Management

End-to-end asset inventory technology provides highly-accurate condition assessment capabilities. Gaining a real-time picture of all linear and non-linear assets has never been this effortless. NEXGEN combines our artificial intelligence in asset management with your business intelligence. Our CMMS puts your intelligent asset management in the cloud for portability and availability anywhere you go.

Predictive Data Analytics

A central predictive maintenance platform gives you deeper foresight into every risk factor. Downtime is yesterday’s worry when your fully-automated system is alerting you to asset-related issues you didn’t know you had.

Client Services And Support

Not only can we support your asset management with artificial intelligence, but NEXGEN’s Client Services and Global Support Team delivers the highest level of personalized customer service available, 24 hours a day with a simple click.

Training and Continued Learning

To maximize sustainable results and return on your investment, NEXGEN’s training specialists provide you with an interactive, immersive on-site and remote-based program that’s customizable, based on your goals.

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“I would recommend NEXGEN to any organization looking to improve the efficiency of their asset management program. It’s simply the best CMMS software on the market today.”