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Maintenance Module

Maintenance Module

Robust functionalities and easy-to-use CMMS software will effectively manage your maintenance program.

When it comes to software, we believe the only thing more important than great features is intuitive workflow. With features based on vast experiences implementing CMMS in a variety of industries, NEXGEN Asset Management’s maintenance management software will take your organization’s maintenance workflow efficiency to the next level.

Our experiences have allowed us to build a feature rich maintenance management software program that is amazingly user friendly. The modules include:

  • Work order
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Scheduler
  • Projects

How It Works

Create, open and close work orders from the field. Design an effective and sustainable preventive maintenance program. Track all maintenance related costs.

For field technicians, NEXGEN provides an intuitive user interface to open work orders, view O&M manuals, complete tasks and close work orders from the field.

For supervisors, NEXGEN is the ultimate maintenance management tool, with robust scheduling, work assignment and cost tracking capabilities.

Our maintenance management system is dynamically linked to other areas of the software. Work orders can be created directly from asset inventory or the GIS map. Parts added to a work order can create purchase requisitions automatically sent to the warehouse manager. If a work order tied to a service request is closed, the associated service request will automatically be closed, triggering a notification to the original requester. Predictive maintenance templates automatically trigger work orders that are routed to the right crew the first time.

NEXGEN Asset Management is the only tool your organization needs to maximize maintenance efficiency.

Forward Thinking Maintenance Management

NEXGEN Asset Management combines CMMS with asset management planning functionalities. All of the maintenance histories are seamlessly integrated into the asset management modules (Risk Prioritization, Funding Forecast and Condition Assessment). Traditionally, all of these functionalities had to be provided through separate applications and tools that were difficult to sustain. NEXGEN Asset Management’s robust maintenance management includes all of the benchmark CMMS functionalities while seamlessly integrating with asset management modules to provide managers information to make informed asset management decisions.

Work Order Highlights

  • Robust CMMS functionalities to manage industry benchmark operations and preventive maintenance programs
  • Seamlessly integrated with asset management functionalities to generate risk prioritizations, funding forecasts, condition assessments and performance reports
  • Labor, vendor and contractor management
  • Parts and equipment tracking features

Preventive Maintenance Highlights

  • Prevents equipment failures before they occur
  • Automatically generate cyclical work orders either based on schedule or operating hours
  • Work orders can be generated for multiple assets to streamline data capture

Scheduler Highlights

  • Easy to manage workload for departments, crews or individuals based on monthly, weekly or daily calendars
  • Visual calendar with powerful features to modify and update work

Project Management Highlights

  • A comprehensive project management module built directly into the CMMS
  • Allows users to easily track work orders
  • Track preventive maintenance to break down cost for accounting and billing purposes
  • Manage both budget and progress of projects

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