These days, it is not as simple as writing work orders down on paper or scheduling maintenance tasks for your assets on your Outlook calendar or on an Excel spreadsheet anymore. As your customer base grows, and the number of your assets increase, you will need a more streamlined and efficient system to manage your workflow. That is when it comes time to bring up investing in the right computerized maintenance management system, also known as CMMS, to your superiors and higher-ups. When choosing the right CMMS for your organization, it is important to consider many factors.

Most importantly, you want to choose a CMMS that is user-friendly, contains modules pertinent to your organization, and provides a high level of support, especially during the first year. There are many CMMS vendors out there in the marketplace, and one in particular that has been successful in many organizations is the NEXGEN Asset Management software. NEXGEN Asset Management’s CMMS combines maintenance management modules as well as robust asset management functionalities. NEXGEN’s Asset Management software is very unique in the industry as no other software combines a maintenance management system with asset managing features. Asset managing features include asset inventory, funding forecasts, risk management, and risk prioritization. This asset management planning module allows for short term and long term financial planning, so that your organization can make better financial decisions and know how to budget for their Capital Improvement Projects.

With NEXGEN Asset Management software, users can configure their dashboard accordingly. Different people within the organization will be able to customize their dashboard to include modules and features that are most pertinent to their role. The system is also easy to use, and very intuitive. The CMMS can be customized to include modules that are useful to the individual user. NEXGEN Asset Management’s implementation team is top-notch and will “hold your hands” throughout the entire implementation stage, so that the system will be seamlessly integrated into your department. Finally, NEXGEN’s technical support and training team will provide training for every type of user, so that you will begin seeing value from using the CMMS from day one.