Sometimes running in millions, company equipment is an expensive investment, which is why we have to take proactive measures to protect them. Therefore, in order to experience reduced labor and cost for maintenance, companies often implement CMMS software. Decrease equipment downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and track and manage work orders –everything is possible with the most basic maintenance management software. Below are a handful of thoughts concerning the benefits of a computerized maintenance management system.

Decreased Equipment Downtime

The productivity of your organizational goals is mainly dependent on equipment downtime. For vital equipment, an efficient maintenance program should be implemented. CMMS Software, such as NEXGEN Asset Management software can monitor the movement of your operations ranging from a preventative maintenance schedule to a hybrid predictive maintenance system. By having a preventive maintenance schedule in place, vital equipment will be in tip top shape, thereby decreasing its failure rate, and thus downtime. Breakdown associated costs, including productivity loss, is also avoided with a regular preventive maintenance schedule.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Manage your project management program using the layouts of Preventative Maintenance Software. With regard to the organization size, it can be tailored to your needs. One of the best advantages of using preventative maintenance software is that if you have knowledge about the spare parts and other materials that are needed for particular jobs, it helps saves valuable time and money. With a history of repairs, fixes, preventive maintenance, and other work on equipment at your disposal, managers can make better decisions to further reduce maintenance costs.

Work Orders Management

Manage your work orders in a much more effective way using CMMS. How does it help? Simple! It helps you schedule and allocate job duties, reserve materials for equipment and records costs and many more. The authorized person/ manager can submit work requests, and record preventive maintenance work orders. The authorized person/manager can also check on the status of the work request and relay status updates to interested parties. The work order management system is streamlined and contributes to a better and more efficient workflow.