You’ve heard about Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and now you’re wondering, what is it, and why does it matter to my organization? Simply put, CMMS is software that helps an organization catalog and manage all of its physical assets. Many different types of organizations, from small facilities to large municipalities, use CMMS to track the upkeep of their assets, associated costs, and maximize the useful life of their assets with the ultimate goal of reducing expense.

CMMS allows an organization to enter highly detailed information about its customers and assets, and then schedule corresponding condition assessments, work orders, preventative maintenance, and to view performance reports. Nexgen’s Asset Management Software features advanced Asset Management functionalities such as lifecycle planning, funding forecast, risk analysis, condition assessment, and capital improvement project prioritization. These unique CMMS features give organizations even greater insight into the status of their assets to ensure the most comprehensive level of asset management. The bottom line: proper CMMS implementation in your organization will mean reduced risk, reduced expense, and streamlined productivity.