Meta (formerly Facebook) is experiencing unparalleled success while meeting the inherent challenges that come with rapid, large-scale growth over the last 12 years. A scalable, future-forward asset management system is an integral ingredient in their formula for success.

With industry-leading asset management software solutions firmly in place, Meta is enjoying next-level asset performance and reduced operational downtime and costs in its facilities.

01 Challenge.

Meta needed to stand up an end-to-end asset management and preventive maintenance management program for the entirety of its facilities. To do so, it would need to find a trusted partner that could develop a sustainable asset management solution for the near term, while also growing alongside the company as it continued to scale up.

It was not a take-your-breath-away undertaking at the time, considering that the first campus in Menlo Park, California, consisted of 10 buildings in 2010. But the immense scope of work would soon come into clearer focus as Meta began to amplify its presence and expand its portfolio of facilities to include new campuses sprawling the San Francisco Bay Area. Each one encompassing between 5-10 new buildings.

It was quite the undertaking when you consider the sheer breadth of assets in a facilities asset management program of this size. Every workstation and coffee machine. Every HVAC unit and elevator. Every piece of culinary equipment in every on-campus dining area. Every tree or shrub and every sign would need to be identified, captured, prioritized, and seamlessly uploaded to a brand-new enterprise-wide system.

02 Why NEXGEN?

To meet their mission, Meta’s new asset management program required scalable software solutions to keep pace with future growth, as well as seamlessly process thousands of disparate assets in every facility across every campus.

Meta selected NEXGEN over other asset management providers, recognizing their industry-leading capabilities and cutting-edge technology, equipping Meta’s facilities team with a consistent maintenance management system.

Decision-makers have full confidence that NEXGEN’s tools and technology can handle the demands of an enterprise-wide configuration—and seamlessly integrate with Meta’s other systems, including task management integration with service requests, time management, and finance.

NEXGEN’s scalable preventive maintenance management solutions, coupled with a highly intuitive asset performance reporting functionality, has proven to be a game-changer.

“For over 12 years, NEXGEN’s asset management system has consistently elevated asset performance and reduced costs, while enabling our organization to keep up with rapid growth—seamlessly scaling from 10 to over 200 facilities. Additionally, NEXGEN’s client support team is hands-down the best in the industry.”

03 Results.

Meta’s asset management software solutions are continuously scaling up at an impressive speed to meet the frenetic pace of Meta’s explosive growth. Ascending from 10 buildings at the time of the initial program launched by NEXGEN, to over 200 buildings accommodating over 35,000 employees today.

A fully automated asset inventory reporting system is providing real-time visibility into the performance level of over 7,500 assets in inventory with a simple click—empowering smarter decision-making and strategic lifecycle planning throughout the organization.

With advanced asset management technology conveniently available in a centralized platform, Meta is overcoming the logistical challenges that come with large-scale growth and rapid expansion, successfully navigating the crest of the digital transformation wave in the tech space.

NEXGEN’s robust preventive maintenance work order management software is also a game-changer for Meta. Over 170,000 work orders are now fully automated alongside over 8,200 preventive maintenance plans implemented to date. Enterprise-wide visibility into their work orders, preventive maintenance schedules, and workforce metrics are helping streamline workflows and boost operational efficiencies.

Over the last three years, Meta has realized $141 Million in cost savings, as a result of an optimized employee workload and new efficiencies powering unparalleled productivity and performance—coupled with reduced operational downtime and costs.

“Throughout the course of our growing relationship over the last 12 years, NEXGEN has consistently elevated the level of market-leading technology available to us. Leveraging their data-driven solutions has helped digitally transform the way Meta manages its assets.”

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