Plymouth Tube Company is a global specialty manufacturer of carbon alloy, nickel alloy, and stainless precision steel tubing for a wide range of industries—from aerospace and performance racing to power generation and chemical processing. Comprised of eight manufacturing plants spanning seven states, Plymouth engaged NEXGEN to transform its asset management program.

01 Challenge.

Plymouth needed to upgrade from a legacy asset management system that was completely siloed, compartmentalizing each facility with its own software. It was outdated, disorganized, and required manual oversight and data entry.

Overseeing the operations of eight siloed facilities that didn’t talk to one another was time-consuming and highly inefficient for Chuck Gaskins, CMRP, Senior Maintenance Manager, and his team. Relying on documented records and paper logs for critical workflows such as tracking asset inventory, manually identifying and recording repairs in person, and manually scheduling each new maintenance service order request was bogging down operations.

“We needed to ask ourselves, where can we better utilize the efficiencies of our maintenance personnel? Whether we’re looking at more breakdown situations or at our VMS through preventive maintenance… we’re looking at corrective actions,” says Gaskins. “Are they coming from on-site observations from our operators? Are they coming from a quality issue or from a preventive maintenance [system]—or from fines from preventive maintenance program or predictive maintenance technologies as well?”

02 Why NEXGEN?

Plymouth chose NEXGEN to implement a new CMMS that would help drive a fundamental transformation in their asset management planning.

NEXGEN’s future-forward software solution allowed Plymouth to evolve from a purely reactive asset maintenance management program to a planned preventive program that was predictive. Moving from a reactive to a proactive asset management planning program delivered game-changing efficiencies, next-level performance, and optimized productivity and service to customers.

Plymouth also recognized the tremendous value a modernized CMMS delivered for their warehouses and distribution centers. Gaskins and his team recognized the distinct advantages of an asset management program that connected all their facilities and provided a common operating picture for all departments.

03 Results.

With NEXGEN’s robust asset management program implemented, Plymouth is proactively monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing vital assets and manufacturing lines with real-time visibility into performance and risk levels.

Gaskins and his team can quickly and easily identify risks and proactively schedule maintenance tasks, stay up-to-the-minute on current work order status, and automate tasks that previously required manual workflows. They are realizing increased machine uptime and asset lifespans with smarter and faster alerts and inspections, procurement of required parts, and repairs.

“One of the things that we [are able to do] with our management daily interaction boards, is the input of a work order status. We use the work order summary report in NEXGEN to pull that data so that we can see where a service request is. It provides a great communications channel,” says Gaskins. “Operators are able to see what step a work order is in the process (converting from a service request to a work order). Is it now in planning? Have parts been ordered? Is it on the schedule or is it a work in progress?”

NEXGEN’s integrated CMMS and asset management software are empowering Plymouth to make smarter decisions with real-time data insights. Gaskin and his team can strategically map out their asset lifecycle plans, build better funding forecasts and prioritize capital improvements, and run more precise risk analysis. Each of which drive greater efficiencies, higher performance, and significant cost savings.

“These new [asset management capabilities] have been very helpful. To be able to view and communicate that the other things that we look at is the mean time between failure (and) mean time to repair. These are two of our key metrics in our expression area, which [represent] the heartbeat of the facility that drives all of the production throughout the floor”


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