CMMS implementation has brought in numerous benefits for several industries — transport industry being one of them. Let us look at different features and benefits the fleet management software can bring to the table.

Features to Look Out For

  • Work Order Management and Preventive Maintenance 

This is the main feature of any CMMS software regardless of whether it is a preventative maintenance work order, inspection sheet, or a breakdown maintenance work order. This feature allows you to assign work orders to different teams and individuals in a fast and efficient manner. You can schedule preventive maintenance using CMMS, thus ensuring that various assets of the fleet are serviced on time. It also helps in reducing the downtime and sends you notifications if any asset or part needs any repair work so that you can tend to it before it gets worse. Additionally, you have the option of customizing work orders and assigning it to a location.

  • Asset Lifecycle History 

You must be able to track the entire lifecycle of an asset — right from the purchase till it gets decommissioned and is no longer used. Fleet management software allows you to do this with every asset you have in your fleet. Your CMMS must hold a preventative maintenance schedule and show a detailed history of all the previous work orders that have been performed on any particular asset. In short, the software acts as a data center for every single thing that is related to your asset.

  • Group Collaboration 

The one major advantage of fleet maintenance software is that it allows you to communicate with your team in real time. Forget about losing someone’s number or trying to find someone in the office just because you want to pass on some information or ask a query. Just log on to the system and you can send direct messages to your team and collaborate with others on the project you are working on. If an equipment breaks down and you need to deliver that information to others immediately, you can do so through the asset management software. Other can even send you information on how to proceed with the repair work — all in real time.

Advantages of Implementing Fleet Management Software

  • Fleet and Employee Productivity is Increased 

With a fleet management system, you can respond to your customers by sending the right vehicles to the right job at the right time. With the help of GPS tracking, you can identify the exact location of any of your vehicle at any point of time. When you know the exact location, you can dispatch them to the nearest job. At the same time, you can recognize where productivity is being reduced and look for ways to increase time utilization. Fleet management software allows you to study driver behavior and check if they are over-speeding or displaying any reckless behavior on the road, which further enables you to implement safe practices. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the fleet management software helps in increasing the productivity of your fleet, employees, safety as well as the overall efficiency.

  • Impact on Environment is Minimized 

With the help of CMMS, you can identify how much fuel is being consumed, if the vehicle’s exhaust system is working fine, how much it’s contributing to the pollution, etc. When you have access to all this data, you can make the necessary changes and reduce the overall impact your fleet has on the environment. Making small maintenance changes will help in increasing savings and minimizing the overall carbon footprint of your company.

  • Efficiency of Employees is Increased 

Asset management software helps in monitoring the drivers and routes of the vehicles through trackers. When you know you can track them, the driver will not resort to unhealthy or risky habits. It also prevents them from making fraudulent overtime claims or say that they were stuck in traffic when in fact they were loitering around. The tracking device will also show when and where the vehicle was parked for the night. Further, you can also reduce the fuel bill if drivers stick to the speed limit and the designated routes.

  • Efficiently Manage Lifecycle of the Vehicles 

You can monitor the lifecycle of all your vehicles with the help of CMMS as it can calculate the replacement dates of the vehicles in the fleet and all the costs associated with replacement. This ensures that vehicles can be replaced in a timely manner if necessary and associated unexpected costs can be avoided.

  • Maintenance Costs are Lowered 

CMMS helps you achieve optimized usage of your vehicles. Some even send notifications based on different criteria such as calendar time, mileage, etc. By using all this data, you can minimize your expenses on maintenance, thus helping you save money.

Do yourself a favor and implement fleet management software if you are a transport company. Get in touch with us at NEXGEN for more details.