Many fear that if you implement CMMS software in your facility, it would minimize the role of your staff or make them redundant. However, this is far from the truth. Having an automated system in your facility will help in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff, especially those using mobile applications. When you cut out the manual processes and automate them instead, you can save time, effort and money.

As a manufacturing unit, a mobile CMMS can bring in a plethora of benefits. Let us look at 3 areas where having an EAM will help in potentially freeing up your employees and enhancing their performance.

  • Better Control of Inventory

Controlling and managing inventory is a critical part of any manufacturing unit. Asset management software allows your technicians to view what parts are required versus what is available at the time when they input a maintenance request to complete a work order. They can even view which asset may be on order and which asset is on hold for completion of another work order. Your team, including the inventory and purchasing personnel, will also get a better and more accurate understanding of the current availability of the assets.

  • Quick Access to Detailed Labor Data

Do you have an understanding of how much time was spent on completing a work order? If you answered no, then it is time to implement EAM software in your facility. This software will allow you to have a definitive answer on the amount of time being spent on every work order.

The technicians can keep a detailed log of data. They can track the hours spent on different work orders using a timer or they can automatically input particular values for specific activities, and capture the data via a mobile app, thus boosting efficiency. Since you don’t have to factor in the time spent at a desktop, you can get a better sense of how long a particular task will take. This will allow you to manage the technicians’ time in a better manner.

  • Better Understanding of Asset Condition

It is important to have knowledge of what condition your assets are in. Trying to accomplish that manually is next to impossible if your assets number in the hundreds or thousands. Maintenance management software allows you to log the asset details including its location. It is possible for the technicians working on or inspecting the machinery to immediately update its condition via the CMMS app. The good news is that it can be done quickly and easily, without compromising the accuracy of the data.

  • Elevating Mobile CMMS

It is definitely a good idea to use a mobile device and preventive maintenance software in the field, however, the best one that you can implement at your facility is the mobile app that uses all the available functionalities that the mobile device has to offer.

A good asset planning software uses the built-in features of the device, for instance, the smartphone camera for adding rich and relevant content to database entries. Don’t you think that if you have the capability to view the asset condition data in photo or video form, you can get a better sense of what a work order would entail?

Another power tool that you can benefit from includes QR code scanning. You can get the details of assets, work orders and spare parts on a map just by scanning a code with your smart mobile device. Take advantage of the user device functionality and smart mobile devices for elevating the performance of your manufacturing unit.

If one of your key goals is to be really productive without wasting too much time, then you must invest in mobile CMMS. Having an EAM will help you drive both tangible and non-tangible returns in fast-moving maintenance facilities. Contact us as NEXGEN if you are interested in having an intuitive mobile CMMS solution at your asset-intensive organizations.