Streamlining maintenance operations for improved productivity and workforce performance requires real-time access to information. Mobile CMMS offers accurate information anytime, anywhere to accelerate workflow and improve team communication. By having a mobile CMMS, both maintenance technicians and facility managers can stay on top of work orders, scan asset condition, track inventory levels, map assets using geo-tagging feature and get work done fast and easy. Mobile CMMS technology is being widely adopted to change the way information is stored and shared and the way maintenance operations work.

When organizations automate maintenance management with mobile CMMS, they can?

  1. Save Time

18 minutes being the average search time for a maintenance document, technicians spend at least 5 to 15% of their productive time reading information but up to 50% of it searching for it. On-the-go functionalities of mobile CMMS help the maintenance crew to save significant time and effort by eliminating the travel time between the field and the office, offering instant access to data on any device, and saving the time spent on searching assets and parts. Organizations that invest in a mobile computerized maintenance management system can easily:

  • Scan assets using QR codes and access any information in real-time.
  • Instantly upload electronic documents to highlight a problem or to update a supervisor on the work status.
  • Visually map every individual asset for accurate prioritization of work orders and timely completion of work.

Additionally mobile CMMS provides maintenance managers with a secure record of assets and maintenance schedules without searching through a pile of papers that not only increase the organization’s carbon footprint but also reduce productivity when they get lost or misplaced.

  1. Boost Productivity

80% of maintenance technicians spend an average of 30 minutes every day just retrieving information. Mobile CMMS offers an end-to-end view of asset operations and maintenance schedules across departments enabling maintenance technicians to save tremendous time and effort when tracking inventory levels and searching for spare parts. Maintenance managers on the other hand have real-time insights into the hours spent on resolving maintenance issues which in turn increases transparency and improves accountability thereby accelerating the completion of work orders and improving efficiency.

  1. Streamline Workflow

An organization can save anywhere between 12 to 18% of their resources only by shifting their approach from reactive to proactive maintenance management with mobile technology. From the collection of data and the distribution of work to allocation of resources and notification of work status, everything can be managed and monitored in real-time with wireless cloud syncing. With updated and accurate documentation, technicians and facility managers can streamline the workflow and better balance maintenance schedules. Full mapping capabilities eliminate all inefficiencies and save hours of time.

Organizations seeking to improve clarity in key maintenance management operations and reduce maintenance costs can invest in NEXGEN Mobile CMMS. It combines the power of a computerized maintenance management system with mobile asset management to ensure that replacement parts are always in stock, condition assessment is performed on time, issues are fixed before equipment fail, and work orders are completed without any delay.

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