The mobile technology is today more powerful than a lot of desktop computers. Its benefits are profound even for an entire system such as a maintenance department of an organization. Hence, a mobile CMMS is now a must-have in any business. Let’s take a look at few of its many benefits:

Paperless Work Order Management

You can eliminate the need to put in double efforts while taking orders. That is once while you take them on field and later when you need to enter them manually. CMMS offers a paperless platform where you can take notes anywhere and about anything. The receipt of these notes and mobile work orders can be acknowledged by the concerned technicians efficiently. So that they can easily close completed work orders and finalize tasks with mobile signatures. Different managers and technicians can communicate with each other from different locations, update job status and verify task completion.

Inventory Management

You get instant access to inventory records even on the field. Any technician can –

  • Check parts inventory for any upcoming job
  • Issue a spare part from even remote locations
  • Track who is in possession of any asset
  • Know exactly where an asset is at any given point

CMMS also allows the maintenance managers to instantly update inventory records. In some of the older CMMS software models, it wasn’t possible to track inventory from any location instantly. However, with the current models, you can check the availability and location of parts and equipment in real-time.

Use QR codes to Organize Maintenance Information

It becomes easy for the maintenance teams to access information when every asset is assigned a unique QR code. They can track work order type or status priority just by scanning the QR codes. This helps in saving time and efforts while accessing and organizing maintenance information.

Geo-tagging Features to Prioritize Work Orders

CMMS system allows you to geographically tag assets and work orders within the plant. This helps the employees in determining the most efficient way to complete the work. This is especially helpful in a large plant that deals with multiple work orders. Additionally, it offers high-level visibility into maintenance tasks, which boosts productivity.

Ability to Work Offline

CMMS allows the technicians to work offline as well. All the information they add to the system gets synced as soon as the Wi-Fi is available. This ensures that the work doesn’t stop just because online access isn’t available.

Incorporate Inspection Templates with your Mobile Devices

There was a time when technicians had to rely on their memory or incomplete paper listings to conduct PM procedures. However, CMMS incorporates inspection templates with your mobile devices, which helps ensure that the procedures are completed correctly.

The CMMS app also boosts the productivity of the technicians as they spend less time in transit and more time working. It also enhances the accuracy of the asset information and offers you the ability to fully document safety and regulatory compliance at the job site.

Building the Future, Today

The issues faced by the maintenance teams earlier, such as unbalanced inventories, excessive labor time and poor communication won’t bring you down anymore. An asset management software will offer long-term stability, and enable you to build better maintenance practices.

We at NEXGEN offer expert support for CMMS. So get in touch with us today, to know how it can benefit your organization.