Last week, NEXGEN had the opportunity to visit beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii to attend the 2016 HWEA Pacific Water Conference. NEXGEN founder and president, Vincent Yee, P.E., gave a well received presentation entitled Mobile Technology Optimizes Asset Management Best Practices. He compared the traditional methods of asset and maintenance management to the newer, much more efficient methods that are easily achievable with today’s mobile technologies. Organizations can ditch paper and redundant data entry by simply deploying tablets to their field staff. An organization’s entire asset, work order and GIS database can sync to the primary asset database in real time. A tablet’s location services and inbuilt camera can also be used to tell field techs exactly where to go, and to take pictures or scan barcodes in the field, all from one device. And the best part is, no organization is too small to take advantage of these technologies!

We met many great folks from a variety of different organizations, and we hope to be back on the islands again soon. Until then, aloha from the NEXGEN team!