Customer Information

Customer information and service request management are key factors in delivering targeted service levels.


Why use separate software systems for customer information, service request and work order management? We have developed a robust customer information system that is fully integrated with our maintenance and asset management systems. The result is a powerful and customer-centric solution. NEXGEN Asset Management’s Customer module tracks all pertinent customer information, service requests and service level performances.


Track pertinent customer account information with NEXGEN Asset Management’s Customer module. The Maintenance Management and Asset Management modules are linked with customer information to provide a holistic, customer-centric solution. Our Customer module also tracks information such as service requests and service level performance. When service requests are converted into work orders, the entire history is linked to the original customer record. Customers are easily located through a quick search tool and can be displayed on the GIS map.
NEXGEN Asset Management’s Customer module leverages the power of GIS. Customers can be located through a quick search tool, or displayed graphically on the GIS map.


Customer Highlights


  • Fully featured customer information system integrated with maintenance and asset management systems
  • Track customer service levels for performance reports
  • Quick search tools and GIS interfaces allow flexible methods to locate customers records

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