A complete asset inventory and accurate condition assessment is the foundation to developing a comprehensive asset management program.


NEXGEN Asset Management’s Assets module includes Asset Inventory, Condition Assessment, Inspection and Backflow. Unlike many Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) that are either specific to non-linear or linear assets, NEXGEN Asset Management software has a structured asset hierarchy that serves both types of assets effectively. Non-linear assets (equipment, area, structure, vehicle, etc.) are grouped by location and class, and organized in customizable tree structures. Linear assets (pipes, roads, telecommunications lines, etc.) are sorted by connectivity. Both types of assets are graphically displayed through the Geographic Information System (GIS). The ability to query assets and create work orders through the asset inventory hierarchy or GIS adds to the flexibility of NEXGEN Asset Management’s asset inventory module. Data can also be easily rolled up for summary reports based on location or class.


The type of information collected using NEXGEN Asset Management software can be customized for the following asset classes:

  • Area – (i.e. parks, drainage, reservoir)
  • Equipment – (i.e. pumps, computers, motors, furniture)
  • Linear – (i.e. pipes, roads, cables, telecommunications)
  • Structure – (i.e. buildings, bridges, tanks)
  • Vehicle – (i.e. cars, trucks, planes)

NEXGEN Asset Management automatically assigns an Asset Condition Index (ACI) based on age to consistently rate conditions for analysis in the absence of field condition assessments. ACI ratings from 1 to 10 allow users to capture and interpret conditions consistently.


NEXGEN Asset Management’s Inspection Module supports routine asset inspections. Customizable inspection templates can be created for specific types of inspections. We have developed a Sanitary Sewer Overflow inspection template that complies with the regulatory reporting requirements.


Asset Inventory Highlights


  • Asset inventory integrated with asset management modules for real time lifecycle funding forecasts and risk prioritization
  • Mandatory asset inventory information collected to support an asset management program
  • Integrated with GIS for graphical interface
  • Linear asset connectivity within the asset inventory
  • Non-linear assets can be rolled up or drilled down to the lowest levels
  • Customizable information can be tracked based on asset classes


Condition Assessment Highlights


  • All assets will have condition ratings either by age or field assessments
  • Consistent ACI ratings and guidelines
  • Asset condition is aligned and directly integrated with lifecycle planning and risk calculations
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) assessment imports into industry standard Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP) formats


Inspection Highlights


  • Customizable inspection templates
  • Sanitary Sewer Overflow inspection template that complies with regulatory reporting requirements


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