Thinking about implementing an asset management or CMMS software system for your utility? Let’s be honest, it’s just a software system, so you really don’t need an experienced implementation team to perform the implementation, right? WRONG!

Setting up a new CMMS system is much more than just flipping on the switch. It fundamentally changes the way your utility does business. Sure, any firm could come in and figure out your workflows and match those up with the CMMS. But few firms have the industry knowledge and experience it takes to be able to recommend better, more efficient workflows altogether. And that’s the difference. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all CMMS implementation.

CMMS implementation teams that have experience in the water/wastewater utility industry will bring with them many handy tools, such as pre-made templates for utility work order tasks and associated checklists, asset class attribute templates and standard lifecycle plans. They will understand how to gain end-user buy-in from all user levels and how to work with experienced operators who contain a majority of the institutional knowledge. Experienced implementers will also be able to identify SOPs for different types of equipment and incorporate that information into an achievable preventive maintenance program.

It is critical that the firm performing the CMMS implementation understands your business and your industry.

Treatment plant daily rounds, CCTV inspections and customer service request routing are not things that your typical software company has experience with. And that’s not their fault. They do software. But, before your agency spends an arm and a leg on implementing a new CMMS, it is well worth your time to find out what industry the vendor comes from and ask the tough questions about their experience. Taking this step will help your water utility get the most ROI out of its new CMMS.