Integrating facility maintenance software with barcoding technology reduces data entry time and costly errors while boosting productivity.

What is barcoding?

Barcoding technology links asset management, work orders, spare parts and purchase orders. Typically, it consists of barcode labels, equipment to print the labels and barcode reading equipment. Many maintenance management software vendors offer a barcoding feature to improve the timeliness and accuracy of data input in their CMMS Software.

What are some benefits of Barcoding Technology?

Handheld computers and bar-coding technology dramatically extend the power of facility maintenance software by enabling department technicians to use their smartphones to scan barcodes on parts and equipment right at the work site.

Barcoding technology reduces mistakes to one mistake per one million keystrokes. By eliminating manual data entry, the chance of a database being corrupted with non-standard inputs is minimized.
Its easy scan-able feature allows maintenance technicians to utilize time efficiently and help to verify input of the equipment number. Also, technicians can create work orders, even on the move, by scanning the equipment’s barcode. Pretty cool, right?

As mentioned earlier, barcoding technology enhances a maintenance department’s productivity by reducing data entry time. Thanks to this technology, maintenance technicians spend less time gathering and entering data and more time on preventive maintenance tasks.

The facility maintenance software allows maintenance technicians to have access to information about maintenance operations anytime, anywhere.