We will begin to release NEXGEN Software Version 9.0 to our clients the third week of June 2019. All clients will receive the release and your account manager will schedule your upgrade. This release includes new industry leading solutions that enhance and support innovative asset management intelligence. New features are outlined below.

ASSET PLAN: Introducing Risk Variables

To assist clients with the ease of asset planning, we’re excited to introduce the ability to set up risk variables per class.

PRIORITIZATION: Life Based and Risk Based Views

The prioritization module will now allow you to see asset prioritizations in Life Based and Risk Based modes.

Enhanced User Security

User accounts will are now more secured with our newly enhanced security features.

  • Strong Password
  • Length of Password
  • Change Password Interval Days
  • Number of unsuccessful attempts to lock
  • Number of inactive days to lock account

User Profile View

Every user will now have a profile section where you can view/set-up user and employee details. Indicate unavailable time off. And select specific notifications.

  • User Details
  • Employee Details
  • Unavailable
  • Notifications

AM Planning Wizard

We’re excited to introduce the new AM Planning Wizard. This wizard will allow you to view and update asset Install Date, Replace Cost Value, Impact Index and Useful Life. It will also denote the number of assets that are missing in a particular data set. Once Install Date, Replace Cost Value, Impact Index, and Useful Life are complete for a group of Assets you will be able to set up Funding Prioritization, view Risk, and view/edit Prioritization.

Non-Stock Parts:

Nexgen already has option to add Stock parts in the Warehouse Inventory. But now we are introducing a new feature which will allow the User to order Non-stock parts as well.

Non-Stock items can be added in Warehouse Inventory or in Work Order or Purchase Order.  It is a simple process to add them into system and use them. You will only have to give Part Number and Name information.



  • You can now search and sort by employee First Name and Last Name. Click on Settings > User

Work Order

  • Work Order Checklists have been moved from the right hand side of the screen to the center, under Assets.
  • In Work Order Grid View “QR Code” has been added.
  • For Resource (Employee / Equipment / Contractor) on Work Order: We have added a company option which lets users decide if they want to Copy Estimate Units to Actual Units on Close of a Work Order.


  • You can now print a Backflow Details report directly from the Backflow module.
  • If a customer houses multiple addresses, you can now select one main address while attaching a customer to a backflow asset.

Purchase Order Status

  • Purchase Order statuses can now be customized after receiving ALL parts from a purchase order.
  • This customization is available under Settings > Setup > Company Options > Inventory > Status after Receiving all parts

Preventive Maintenance

  • Now each Child PM will have a link for the Parent PM


  • You can now copy last week’s timesheet via the “Copy Timesheet” icon.