We will begin to release NEXGEN Software Version 8.0 to our clients toward the end of November 2018. All clients will receive the release and your account manager will schedule your upgrade. Sign up to attend our webinar to learn more about these new features and enhancements. We’ll be presenting live on November 29th at 10:00am PST.

New Workload Scheduling

  • Board View for quick view of workload and assignment
  • New approach for Supervisors to manage and assign Work Orders
  • New approach for Lead/Crew to manage their own Work Orders
  • New approach to staff managing personal Schedules & Calendars

Improved Offline Feature for NEXGEN AM Mobile

  • Updated iPad App with offline Caching feature
  • Updated Android Tablet App with offline Caching feature
  • Allows users to “Go Offline” and work without internet connection
  • “Go Online” to sync the work when internet connection is available
  • Modules Available Offline
    • Asset Inventory (including data collection)
    • Service Request
    • Work Order
    • Inspection

New Routing Optimization on NEXGEN AM Mobile

  • Routing Optimization for Work Orders management on tablet app
  • Users location services on mobile devices
  • Optimized sorting and routing for selected Work Orders.
  • Driving directions for routing optimization

New Predictive Maintenance

  • Next level maintenance: Predictive Maintenance
  • Set scenario and criteria to trigger maintenance activities
    • Thermography, Vibration, Oil Testing
    • Alarms, # Corrective Maintenance, # Shutdowns
    • Odometer, Alarms
    • Analytical metrics
  • Optimize maintenance based on data rather than static schedules
  • Saves money & improves reliability

Improved Approach to Preventive Maintenance

  • Sustainable Preventive Maintenance approach
  • Link multiple Schedules
  • Simpler to configure Preventive Maintenance
    • Checklists
    • Resource hours
    • Estimated hours
    • Role based resource in estimated hours

New Role Based for Estimated Resources or Lead

  • Each Employee can now be associated to a Role
  • In PM & WO, Leads and Resources can be assigned to Roles instead of an individual
  • When WO is assigned, Supervisors can see the Roles required and select from list of Leads from that Role
  • Resources can be identified by Role and then later reassigned by individuals once the WO is assigned
  • Simplifies the work flow and expedites the WO assignment process

Improved GIS Interface & Features

  • Fresh GIS look with new features
  • More powerful map based Reports and Queries
  • More GIS tools aligning with ESRI tools
  • Seamless GIS integration built in
  • Sync Layers to map GIS Attributes to NEXGEN Locations & Classes

New Contractor Portal

  • Streamline approach to outsourcing Work Orders to contractors
  • Keep track of all certified contractors that can perform work
  • Document management (license, certification, insurance)
  • Assign work to contractor directly from NEXGEN Work Order module
  • Contractor gets notified and performs work order & upload costs, invoices, photos
  • Work Orders completed in the portal are sent back to NEXGEN for review
  • All changes/updates are documented in the Activity Log

New Backflow Portal

  • Manage Backflow testing process & testers
  • Manage testers (documents, certifications, calibrations, licenses)
  • Customers give testers a pin to allow testers to perform & enter test results in the portal (web or mobile)
  • City notified of test results that fail
  • All passed tests are archived into the Backflow histories & next test date is updated
  • Customers can login to check on status of test

New 311service Portal

  • Improved 311service portal to allow customers to generate Service Requests
  • Configurable for both Municipalities with Map or Facilities without map
  • Seamless built in integration with NEXGEN to auto create Service Requests and route to appropriate responder
  • Allows customers to see Service Requests and be updated on status

New Facility Management AutoCAD Integration

  • AutoCAD drawings can now be uploaded and associated to assets
  • List or CAD view
  • Assets selected on the tree will correspond to the CAD view
  • Users can select assets from CAD view and see details

New Data Import Tool for Asset Reading

  • NEXGEN generates data entry excel templates
  • Data entered into spreadsheets can be uploaded into NEXGEN