As a company providing leading asset management solutions across the public works sector and other industries, NEXGEN knows those working on the ground to get things done deserve a hearty thanks. Without you, there would be few moments of success to celebrate!

This week is National Public Works Week and it marks the perfect moment to say “thank you” to the heroes who keep our essential systems up and running. From those who design, build, and operate, to individuals who maintain and support our systems, all of you are key to keeping our cities and buildings running. To you we say, thank you!

Public works milestones in 2022: Where would we be without you?

Public works represents a broad category of professionals that many people may take for granted. People working in public works do everything from creating and maintaining our transportation services and systems, to working with water infrastructure, developing and maintaining refuse and sewage disposal, running sanitation systems, and ensuring our public buildings are functioning efficiently and accurately.

A lot of public works efforts go on behind the scenes. The diligence and attention to detail these professionals supply, however, is front and center when it comes to the health and safety of the general public.

Throughout the pandemic, efforts of public works professionals have become even more essential in our daily lives. Ready and resilient, these individuals have facilitated projects like waste water testing to help detect levels of COVID-19 in communities, in order to help public health officials determine their next steps. These, and other acts, have helped implement measures that helped save lives, and allowed our cities and towns to run more efficiently.

Thank you for making our communities a safer place to live

Our communities are built on the backbone of high quality public works. Have you enjoyed a walk in the local park recently? Are you filling your backyard pool for summer? Without the efforts and enthusiasm of those who keep our community spaces enjoyable and help ensure municipal plumbing is up to standard, these simple activities wouldn’t be possible. Our superheroes in public works truly make it happen. Thank you!

Are you interested in a career in public works?

Many rewarding careers await in public works. If you’re interested in serving your community, check out this comprehensive information made available by APWA. Possible careers include:

  • Municipal engineering
  • Administration and management
  • Environmental engineering
  • Transportation
  • City engineer
  • Public works director
  • Landscape architect
  • Waste management coordinator
  • and many more…

Public works are at the heart of local communities worldwide and help us all enjoy a higher quality of life.

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