NEXGEN Asset Management announced today the promotion of Sukhdeep Kaur as the company’s Vice President of Software Development. Sukhdeep leads the company’s Software Development team.

Sukhdeep joined the NEXGEN family 13 years ago and immediately excelled in multiple roles including software development, project delivery and client support. As a NEXGEN start up team member, she was on the core development team that created NEXGEN Asset Management, the industry’s leading asset management software. For the last 3 years, she has led the company’s software development team, which is responsible for developing an innovative suite of web and mobile applications. Besides her technical strengths in software development, she has developed her management skills and become a respected and accomplished leader.

“Sukhdeep possesses an impressive combination of intelligence and determination, which has made her successful in leading and managing NEXGEN’s Software Development Team,” said Vincent Yee, President of NEXGEN. “Her strong technical background and ‘lead by example’ attitude have really inspired her team of software developers, quality assurance analysts, and client service managers to follow her footsteps.”

“Sukhdeep’s loyalty and dedication to the company is recognized and deeply appreciated at NEXGEN,” said Gaja Naik, Senior Vice President of NEXGEN. “She has spent countless late nights to ensure that we meet all of our deadlines.”

Please join NEXGEN in celebrating the promotion of Sukhdeep Kaur to Vice President of Software Development.

About NEXGEN Asset Management

Founded in 2004, NEXGEN Asset Management was established as a result of the industry’s demand for a comprehensive asset management software solution. The company provides engineering, management, and technology consulting services and produces enterprise asset management software solutions. For more information, visit