NEXGEN Asset Management announced today the promotion of Joseph Klegseth as the company’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. Joseph currently leads the company’s Marketing and Business Development teams.  

Joseph joined the NEXGEN family in September 2018 as Marketing Director and hit the ground running. His passion, dedication, and marketing experience quickly brought NEXGEN’s marketing efforts to the next level. With a degree in Marketing and Graphic Design, not only was Joseph managing NEXGEN’s marketing department, he also became the company’s in-house creative team. Joseph excelled in the role and started overseeing the Business Development and Client Success teams.  In 2020, he connected NEXGEN with Watson Creative, a researched-based creative studio out of Portland, OR. Joseph led NEXGEN’s rebranding project with Watson Creative that included new NEXGEN logos, brand guidelines, graphic standards, and website redesign.  

Joseph joined the NEXGEN family with over 20 years of marketing experience. Oregon State alumni, Joseph served as the Director of Marketing and eventually Assistant Athletic Director for the University. Upon moving to Sacramento, Joseph became the Director of Business Development and Events at the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau. His talent and expertise make Joseph an invaluable member of the NEXGEN team.   

“We are very fortunate that Joe is part of the NEXGEN team. Joe is a natural leader that brings a unique blend of creative talent, vision and determination to Business Development and Marketing.” said Vincent Yee, President & CEO of NEXGEN. “His selfless actions and always willing to help attitude makes him an enviable leader in the company. Joe embodies all the qualities of our core values and makes him a great NEXGENer.” 

Please join NEXGEN in celebrating the promotion of Joseph Klegseth to Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.  

About NEXGEN Asset Management 

Founded in 2004, NEXGEN Asset Management was established as a result of the industry’s demand for a comprehensive asset management software solution. The company provides engineering, management, and technology consulting services and produces enterprise asset management software solutions. For more information, visit