Shopping for a Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a daunting task. There are many CMMS software programs out there with a whole host of available features. Some of the features are excellent, and some are, well, a little gimmicky.

So what features matter when trying to decide which CMMS to choose? Of course, that depends on what your organization’s needs are, but here are a few features that we believe every CMMS should offer:

Ease of use

Even though modern CMMS is an advanced software application, the navigation and layout should be intuitive. Assets should be easy to find via a search tool or easy-to-use asset trees. Work orders should be easy to create, open, and close. Reports should be simple to create. Ease of use ensures your team spends less time entering work orders into the system, and more time actually completing those work orders.

Mobile capability

More and more, it is becoming imperative for organizations to be able to mobilize their maintenance management activities. The efficiency of being able to access your CMMS on a tablet, laptop, or smartphone will save your organization time, paper, and ultimately, money.

Funding forecast

This is an advanced feature that most organizations either do not have or charge extra for. Asset planning and capital prioritization are the keys to balancing your organization’s budget year after year. A CMMS that integrates these features with an asset inventory is a truly powerful tool. Nexgen’s industry-leading CMMS includes these features at no additional charge.