If your company has several vehicles, then you know the difficulty of managing and handling them efficiently. You can make the job a little easier by incorporating a fleet management system. With that, you can enjoy efficient ways of recording driver and vehicle data. Let us look at the 7 benefits of the fleet management software.

Keeping Abreast with Government Regulation

Government regulations keep changing every few years, and it is essential to keep up with them. There was a time when drivers had to keep manual logs of their routes and hours of service. Unfortunately, this method was quite inefficient and didn’t do any good for anybody. This changed when the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, which required commercial truck drivers to record their hours and routes using electronic methods. Thanks to ELD, fleet managers gain the ability to track the hours of service (HOS) compliance of their drivers. The best part? It will help you save a lot of money, save more lives and prevent accidents and injuries too!

Improve Route Efficiency

Your driver has to go to three delivery points: A lies in the middle, C is the nearest and B is the farthest. Ideally, the route should be C, A and B. Imagine how much fuel and time would be wasted if they went to A first, came back to C and then went to B. Efficient routing is essential to make sure that your vehicles travel in the most economical manner possible. Fleet maintenance software allows you to monitor vehicle performance on various routes and provides you with data to increase route efficiency. You can even compare driver performance and plot the most efficient path to delivery.

Prolong Assets’ Life

With CMMS software you can increase the life of all your assets and make sure that you get the most out of all your vehicles in the fleet. It doesn’t matter if you calculate life in miles or years, as you can enjoy both.

Minimize Fuel Cost

Fuel doesn’t come cheap and watching it being unnecessarily wasted can be heart-wrenching. Fuel can be wasted through driver behavior such as idling, over-speeding or using the vehicle for unofficial and unauthorized purposes. You can get access to all such data through CMMS and you can identify the instances when and how the fuel is being wasted. By managing driver habits, you can increase fuel efficiency and reduce the cost rather than compromising on fuel quality by looking for cheaper suppliers.

Help Keep the Drivers Safe

You can train your drivers as best as you can but you can’t always be sure if they are adhering to the training once they hit the road. With fleet management software, you can gain insights even if they are on the go. It helps you monitor the behavior of the driver, if they over-speeding or not, their braking patterns, hard-cornering, etc. With this data in hand, you can identify all the areas that need improvement. You can even create custom training programs that will help in training your drivers to drive more safely and efficiently.

Planning Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Asset management software helps in accumulating data using telematics which allows fleet managers to track important engine metrics. They can predict when different parts may fail and when they need servicing. You can keep up with your preventive maintenance schedule and get notifications of when you have to change the parts or when their warranties are running out. When you ensure that you fix the parts before they break down, you can be assured that your fleet doesn’t face any downtime and stays more on the road rather than in the repairs.

Get Lower Insurance Premiums

With fleet management software, you can get lower insurance premiums. This is because you can ensure that the drivers are complying with the company’s maximum speed policy, thanks to the detailed data provided by the software. When you show the insurance companies that your drivers are being safe on the road and that accidents and similar risks have reduced, the insurance premiums can be lowered.

If you haven’t embraced fleet management software for your company, it is time you did and enjoyed the benefits of the fleet management system.