Still using spreadsheets to record, manage and monitor maintenance schedules? Can you efficiently coordinate all the maintenance requests with multiple stakeholders without making a single error? Will you be able to sustain this method even as the operations expand and the number of tasks increases? Maintenance spreadsheets facilitate easy logging of all the work orders and efficiently record upcoming schedules but they still force managers and technicians to rely on sticky notes, offline trackers, manuals, calendars, emails, schematics and text messages to keep tabs on the ongoing, upcoming and pending work. Overcome all the limitations of complicated and time-consuming spreadsheets and take your first step towards fast, accurate and error-free maintenance management with CMMS. When implemented properly, a computerized maintenance management system offers the following benefits:

  1. Eliminates Human Errors and Ensures Compliance

Asset management software is specifically designed to increase data dependability by centralizing all maintenance information with a complete trail of work orders right from allocation to completion. All the records are accurately generated while ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. When PM schedules are triggered on time and due in compliance with regulatory requirements, facility managers can avoid all the delays and discrepancies arising due to human errors.

  1. Improves Work Efficiency

Automation enables facility managers to document every minute detail which makes auditing a total breeze. It digitizes your paperwork and accelerates the evaluation of key performance indicators, helping facility managers to determine the efficiency of existing operations, the need for repairs and replacements and the need to refine maintenance schedules for improved asset availability.

  1. Facilitates Real-time Visibility into Vital Assets

Since spreadsheets are located on the personal drive, access is limited to your desktop. On the other hand, a mobile CMMS stores all your mission-critical information on a remote server which is easily accessible on any device, from any location. Since it is integrated with your mobile app, information can also be accessed via tablets, smartphones and handheld devices on the field.

  1. Improves Communication

While spreadsheets pose several barriers to timely communication, mobile CMMS ensures that every stakeholder right from the facility manager to the engineer to the maintenance crew receives the work requests on time, is notified at every stage, and remains aware of the work status at all times. This eliminates the possibility of missed work orders and prevents expensive failures and unexpected downtime.

  1. Streamlines Supply Chain Management

A CMMS is designed to automatically track everything from work orders and parts inventory to suppliers, vendors and contractors. Every time a part is consumed during a maintenance schedule, it gets depleted from the stock automatically. Technicians don’t need to invest their time on going back to their desk and updating stock cards. When the stock is about to exhaust, the system sends instant reminders to suppliers for reordering. This ensures that field technicians don’t run out on parts in case an emergency arises and increases their responsiveness when handling critical situations.

Spreadsheets are a cheaper option as compared to CMMS, but they bring along restrictions that keep you from minimizing the costs associated with unexpected failures and unplanned downtime. CMMS streamlines every process with automation and can be easily customized for efficient and effective asset management irrespective of the size and scope of your facility.

  1. Improves Safety

Centralized access to vital data of each contractor and vendor, important certification dates, qualifications, warranties, and trade memberships ensures that every user can verify the chosen supplier and contractor and know if they are fully-equipped and adequately qualified to provide the services they are hired for. These capabilities of a CMMS assist facility managers in ensuring the safety of equipment and technicians.

The benefits of deploying a computerized maintenance management system are extensive. It is a logical solution for any growing facility that wants to streamline all the maintenance information, comply with health and safety guidelines, and minimize the risk of litigation. NEXGEN Asset Management Software offers a one-stop solution that empowers enterprises to plan, manage, monitor, control, measure and improve processes and procedures – all from one unified framework.