An effective Facilities Management Strategy will help any organization to optimize its non-core business. This, in turn, will boost the core business to generate more profits. Facility Management (FM) Software can help you create an effectual management strategy.

FM software has become smarter and more efficient than its traditional self. It has evolved to do more than simply list asset data. Most of them are web-based and cover workflow management, in-depth reporting, business analytics etc. Besides, they can operate in sync with multiple other systems such as ERP software, GIS solutions, BIM models etc. So, before utilizing the FM software to create a successful facilities management strategy, keep in mind the below mentioned 6 key points:

Facility management software and financial systems go hand-in-hand

Most organizations have FM software connected to their financial systems. This helps them reduce the manual input of data and assures data consistency. FM software can display comprehensive costs on convenient dashboards. These include annual costs per sq. foot, monthly costs per workplace, per head costs, etc. Hence, managers can recognize potential savings based on various trends, fluctuations, and internal or external benchmarking.

Future-ready with facility management solutions

Facility management solutions-

  • Predict future necessities
  • Offer diverse operational scenarios
  • Analyze the impact of real estate and facility services

These features help managers in delivering prompt and efficient results to create a workspace that is more secure and productive. Thus, the managers can contribute optimally to the core business and ensure a well-timed alignment of services and facilities according to the changing needs.

Powered with mobile capabilities

The best FM solutions are built to operate online and/or offline, are operational on varied platforms, are easily accessible to a broader target audience and are also cost-effective.

For instance, one of the most classic solutions in the FM software market is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)Mobile CMMS allows the user to access real-time data and perform tasks anytime and anywhere.

Building a strong sourcing strategy with FM software

Organizations are increasingly outsourcing operational services such as catering, security, housekeeping etc. Global service providers offer integrated Facility Management Contracts, which encompass not only varied services but their management as well. This is where the facility management software steps in to help the users decide on the best sourcing strategy. An optimal strategy will include information about real estate, spaces, assets, services, processes, costs and specific consumer requirements. Once the users decide on a sourcing strategy best suited to their demands, the facility management software aids in monitoring the performance of sourcing partners and also allows for revisions in contracts, efficiently.

Adding to customer satisfaction

FM software has helped organizations raise the bar of customer satisfaction, by bringing ease, pace and quality to the services provided by them. These services are supported with web-based self-service technology and automated customer survey tools which authenticate the perceived quality and value of these FM services. Besides, integration for ease of operation is also a big advantage offered by FM software. It integrates self-operations with IT and HR services in a singular software solution. The tools aid facility managers in optimizing their services, eventually boosting customer satisfaction while bringing more value to the core brand.

Evolving with dynamic workforce mobility

The operations of workspaces are becoming more flexible. Innovative technology, globalization, environment sustainability and more such factors are driving workforce mobility. Naturally, this has given rise to paperless work order management, the ability to work offline, etc. This in turn has affected facility management. The software for facility management has also evolved with the changing needs of the workforce to complement the mobility aspect and help the users make the most of it.

Make the best of FM software to empower your facility management strategy. To know more about how facility management can make your business more profitable, connect with us at NEXGEN.