From oil and gas to energy and utilities, every asset-intensive organization faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to improving operational performance and profits against the available manpower, materials, energy, infrastructure and finance. In an asset-intensive organization, vital infrastructure assets are geographically dispersed and need to be overseen by field technicians. The performance and service life of assets is further subject to environmental stress and physical elements that have a direct impact on the ROI. These challenges make sustainable gains all the more difficult and so, to help organizations, NEXGEN – a leading provider of EAM software streamlines every aspect of enterprise asset management with their only solution that combines CMMS + Asset Management Planning.

Here are 5 ways asset-intensive organizations can capitalize on NEXGEN Enterprise Asset Management Software for fast, efficient and effective operations:

1. Improve Asset Performance and Uptime

Prioritizing maintenance and repairs based on the risk of failure and criticality helps organizations better allocate resources and schedule work. NEXGEN’s enterprise-wide EAM software automates predictive and preventive maintenance based on equipment run times and risk by monitoring asset conditions and identifying the required parts. This enables organizations to maintain those assets which would have the highest impact in case of failure, keeping operations up and running even with budgetary constraints. When the most important assets are maintained on priority, it increases their efficiency and extends their service life.

2. Optimize Repair and Maintenance Operations

Scheduling maintenance and repair starts with analyzing asset conditions and monitoring inventory levels in real time. By using NEXGEN Enterprise Asset Management Software, organizations can stay on top of maintenance schedules and accordingly adjust the stock to free up capital for more important operations. It provides real-time access to mission-critical information via mobile devices so field technicians stay efficient and updated on maintenance processes, vendor scorecards, lead times and parts inventory. This boosts productivity, eliminates unnecessary costs, saves a lot of troubleshooting time and streamlines the MRO supply chain.

3. Implement Best Safety Practices to Minimize Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Ensuring workplace safety starts with empowering technicians with mission-critical information in real-time even when they are on the field. When field technicians have access to context-sensitive assessments that ensure strict adherence to safe practices, they can complete the checklist before receiving a work order and avoid injuries and accidents. This checklist must include a thorough inspection prior to starting work, ensuring the availability of replacement parts and the provision of monitoring credentials. NEXGEN Enterprise Asset Management Software puts every vital piece of information on a centralized, easy-to-access platform so that the on-site maintenance crew can execute the best safety practices at the point of a potential

4. Improve Decision Making with Real-time Visibility into Maintenance Operations

The productivity of field technicians suffers a setback when they don’t have real-time visibility over maintenance schedules. NEXGEN Enterprise Asset Management Software enables real-time planning and tracking of activities while driving instant collaboration and facilitating informed decision-making. With NEXGEN EAM software, technicians are empowered to identify issues before they become major problems and eliminate the delays and disruptions caused due to
unavailability of required parts.

5. Leverage EAM to Software to Standardize and Streamline Asset Management

NEXGEN Enterprise Asset Management Software is designed to facilitate the implementation of the ISO framework to ensure best practices are being followed for all types of infrastructure assets across their lifecycle and regardless of their location. Organizations standardizing on the ISO framework using NexGen EAM Software can then mitigate risk, know the condition of every asset in real-time and stay prepared for audits around the year.

Engineered to empower asset-intensive organizations to solve their biggest challenges, NEXGEN Enterprise Asset Management Software offers unparalleled control over asset performance, workforce management, budgeting and operations. If you want to reach new levels of service efficiency, safety and reliability with NEXGEN EAM solution, call us at (888) 820-8880.