With a constantly increasing demand for water in every industry and community, water treatment plants and wastewater facilities are compelled to treat and deliver water in a consistent and cost-effective manner. This requires timely and efficient maintenance of utility assets while using less energy and resources. In an effort to achieve peak efficiency, facility managers and engineers must incorporate a computerized maintenance management system that keeps maintenance on track, equipment operating smoothly and ensures consistent compliance to strict regulations that seem overwhelming. When properly implemented, it optimizes water and wastewater operations in the following 5 ways:

  1. Keeps Maintenance Schedules on Track

A CMMS automates all the predictive and preventive maintenance tasks and tracks every single aspect – right from the time involved and resources allocated to materials needed and service technicians designated. This level of visibility improves accountability and enables facility managers to efficiently manage their work orders, inventory stock, equipment run times, and maintenance schedules. It also enables field technicians to access information anytime, anywhere which improves their productivity. Using CMMS for wastewater treatment facilities offers a single-pane view of pending tasks, upcoming PM schedules, and ongoing maintenance tasks to help facility managers stay updated and on track.

  1. Extends the Service Life of Key Equipment

CMMS is designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of equipment by automating all maintenance activities. It can schedule orders based on date, run time and a wide array of relevant fields and also trigger notifications to keep facility managers and field technicians aware and updated on important tasks. Optional modules that include handheld functionalities allow technicians to access their assigned work, record the time taken, add notes, update asset information, locate inventory, issue replacement parts and submit their order requests. This shifts their focus from reactive repairs and replacements to a proactive maintenance approach which makes it easier to identify issues and fix them in time before they invite major repairs and expensive failures. Early identification of potential failures and faulty parts ensures timely maintenance and extends the longevity of vital infrastructure equipment.

  1. Ensures Optimum Utilization of Available Resources

CMMS comes with a comprehensive parts and materials management feature that allows facility managers to keep track of parts at every location at any time. It automates every manual and time-consuming task to make it fast and efficient, allowing facility managers to shift their focus from addressing unplanned downtime and service outages to minimizing costs and optimizing operations. With asset management software, it becomes easy to prioritize, organize, allocate and complete work on time and avoid missed maintenance.

  1. Integrates with EAM and SCADA systems for Enhanced Responsiveness

Easy-to-access preventive maintenance software allows facility managers and engineers to set reminders for work orders. With real-time notifications, it becomes easy to complete PM tasks on time and plan equipment usage and machine run times accurately. CMMS seamlessly integrates with EAM and SCADA systems to save tremendous time and effort by tracking inventory and pending work orders for vital equipment across multiple locations. These capabilities keep facility managers and maintenance crew responsive and improve their efficiency to address issues on the spot while avoiding unexpected failures and unplanned downtime.

  1. Lowers Operational Expenses

In wastewater environments, asset management software automates equipment inspections and maintenance schedules and keeps expensive repairs and replacements at bay. Automation makes it possible for facility managers to stay on top of hundreds of assets and maintenance schedules while saving their time and effort. This reduces the need for labor overtime and brings down the expenses incurred on last-minute troubleshooting. CMMS for wastewater plants also generates reports that accurately reflect the budget spent on repairs, replacements, and maintenance enabling facility managers to take corrective action, improvise processes and identify the scope for further cost cutting.

A feature-rich CMMS enables wastewater facilities to accomplish much more using the same amount of resources and facilitates intelligent decision-making with unparalleled insights into assets and operations. It empowers facility managers to organize, access, manage and monitor every process in real time for improving efficiency and reducing costs. Its mobile computing capabilities keep contamination problems away by ensuring compliance with EPA regulations. CMMS eliminates the problems arising due to negligent maintenance, faulty components, fatigued equipment and missed inspections. Tracking every single component, equipment and asset across the treatment and delivery system, ensures timely triage and prevents lead contamination that can lead to serious consequences. Selecting the right CMMS solution offers long-term benefits by saving time, ensuring compliance and minimizing maintenance expenses that far outweigh the investment made in installing and implementing asset management software.

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