An effective service request program keeps customers happy.

There are many different ways to collect service requests: 311 calling service, online reporting tools or mobile applications. An active city might receive hundreds of service requests in one day, resulting in a large amount of incoming data. Where is the data stored? How is it organized? How is it distributed to maintenance teams? How are citizens updated?

In many cities, there are huge breaks in communication. The breaks occur between 311 reporting tools and maintenance teams, also between maintenance teams and customers. This broken routing and dysfunctional reporting ultimately results in dissatisfied customers.

At NEXGEN, we have spoken with many cities and gathered information on service request processes. The bottom line is, there is a need among cities to streamline their existing service request programs.

How do we fix the problem?

Since most cities already maintain an entire asset database with maintenance information, why not integrate the asset management, work order management, and service request management systems? That is exactly what we have done.

311service is a fully integrated service request web portal that can act as a standalone service or can fully integrate with NEXGEN Asset Management. With this level of integration, your maintenance team can easily track issues and the system automatically notifies customers when the status of their service requests change. No more breaks in communication!

311service is

  •      Free
  •      A standalone program or integrates with NEXGEN Asset Management
  •      Fully configurable
  •      A solution to fix breaks in communication
  •      A tool that will make your customers love you!

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