Managing maintenance for state and local government means ensuring uptime, equipment reliability, efficient resource management, accurate resource allocation, precise capital planning, risk assessment, and complete lifecycle management to deliver timely and efficient services to the citizens. As government organizations work to serve communities, having a feature-rich computerized maintenance management solution increases asset visibility, enhances work efficiency, streamlines work order management, and reduces equipment downtime. From a town of 5,000 residents to a big city with a population of 500,000, asset management software automates maintenance management across local, state, and federal organizations.

The 3 essential features of CMMS and their benefits for government organizations include the following:

Features of CMMS for Government Organizations

Accurate Reporting Improves Decision-Making

The maintenance crew in every government sector needs access to mission-critical data to enhance the quality of service and ensure timely service delivery while maintaining economic stability. A CMMS enables government organizations to project their maintenance costs based on asset criticality and risk of failure in comparison to the current budget.

Government organizations can then prioritize the allocation of resources and capital based on assets that are most likely to make a big impact if they fail. By knowing where the budgets need to be allocated and which assets need maintenance first, government organizations can efficiently spend on all the asset maintenance that is required and needs to be done, based on risk.

Automated Work Order Management Streamlines Operations

Managing the maintenance of any public sector is a big task for the governing body as there are several departments with multiple assets to be managed – from public works and parks & recreation to water treatment plants. Given the number of assets in each of these departments and the number of citizens dependent on the government for a clean and healthy living environment, the number of field technicians employed is not small. Asset management software offers the maintenance crew a centralized view of work orders from the time they are generated to the time they are reported complete. Having asset planning software in place also ensures that work orders do not get misplaced and technicians can work efficiently even from the field.

Government organizations need to serve thousands of assets that are geographically dispersed but the integration of CMMS with GIS enables government maintenance professionals to track the status of service requests in real time. This end-to-end visibility into maintenance management allows maintenance managers to assign work orders, respond to service requests and prevent unexpected equipment failures. When maintenance tasks are scheduled on time and issues are resolved faster, work efficiency is increased. Beyond these benefits, a CMMS also streamlines communication across departments to improve responsiveness and accountability which benefits the maintenance crew daily.

Timely Preventive Maintenance Enhances Asset Performance and Decreases Downtime

To create value for communities, preventive maintenance is mandatory for all government organizations whether they are state, local, or federal. Equipment downtime in public works departments can put human life at risk but with computerized maintenance management software, the maintenance crew can shift their focus from reactive maintenance to proactive asset maintenance. Using a CMMS, facility managers can plan and schedule preventive maintenance tasks.

A CMMS also predicts downtime and impending equipment failures before they occur, enabling maintenance managers to keep operations up and running. This enhances asset efficiency, extends its service life, and reduces overtime and inventory spending. With a CMMS, all the preventive maintenance information can be easily accessed on a centralized framework along with work order instructions and inventory levels. As a result, facility managers and maintenance technicians experience less downtime and can adhere to budgets.

NEXGEN’s Asset Management Software is a comprehensive asset and service management solution that reduces maintenance costs, maximizes asset performance, enhances decision-making ability, and improves interdepartmental coordination – thereby saving time, effort and resources while making it much easier to provide citizens with healthy and safe living conditions.