Now that the dust has settled from the 2018 NEXGEN User Conference, and everyone is back to business as usual, we’ve had time to process our highlights from this amazing event.

First off, NEXGEN prides itself on its vision of “Strategic Solutions for Next Generation Asset Management,” which is why our conference brings together key people and organizations to shape the future of our industry by engaging them in meaningful presentations and conversations about the direction of our software. It’s an exciting time in our industry to be at the forefront of how technology is driving our industry forward.

We hope you came away from the conference energized and charged with ideas and inspiration on how NEXGEN can continue to help move your organization forward. A major highlight of the conference for the NEXGEN staff was collaborating with our clients to further improve our software and continue to meet the requirements of our clients. All feature requests are logged and reviewed by our team to be considered for future releases. We are also committed to providing outstanding levels of service with priority-based response and resolution times.

Some exciting highlights were our work sessions on the improved approach to Preventive Maintenance and the introduction of our new module for Predictive Maintenance. These new capabilities are designed to take your maintenance program to the next level by specific criteria to trigger maintenance activities,which will save money and improve reliability by optimizing maintenance based on data rather than static schedules.

The most memorable highlight of the conference came Wednesday evening as we celebrated an evening with our clients at the Firehouse Restaurant with live music, outstanding food and great conversation. Many friendships were made and so many “Gaja Selfies” were taken we lost count.

The conference highlighted the many new exciting features of our software release v8.0 as well as hands-on workshops covering topics like: Warehouse Management, Optimizing Work Order Workflows, Designing Inspection Forms, Getting More Out of GIS, Leveraging the New Contractor Portal, Caching Data When There’s no Wi-Fi, Writing & Scheduling Your Very Own Reports, The ABC’s of Setting up a Backflow Program and many more.

In the end we hope the conference inspired our attendees to advance themselves on a personal and professional level for the betterment of your organization and your co-workers. This was NEXGEN’s second User Conference and we will continue to hold our conference every two years.