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5 Features Your
Maintenance Management Software Must Have

08:00 21 July in NEXGEN AM Blogs

With each passing day, more and more organizations are relying on computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) to identify assets at the highest risk of failure, project maintenance costs accurately and prioritize maintenance tasks accordingly. Computerized maintenance management systems were mainly popular in the manufacturing sector...

7 Essential Steps To Ensure Successful CMMS

08:00 14 July in NEXGEN AM Blogs

A well-configured and utilized computerized maintenance management system in your organization will no doubt lead to improved maintenance effectiveness. So you how do you ensure successful implementation in the first place? Poor preparation and implementation planning may cause rejection from the users and result in inaccurate...

How to use CMMS Maintenance Software to
Optimally Schedule Maintenance

08:00 19 May in NEXGEN AM Blogs

Unexpected equipment breakdowns disrupt business operations, reducing work efficiency and increasing costs. When a facility houses hundreds of vital infrastructure equipment, ensuring that they remain in top operating condition at all times is the biggest challenge. CMMS maintenance software helps organizations schedule, monitor and manage...

Using CMMS Software to Schedule
Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

06:26 15 June in NEXGEN AM Blogs

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) (also referred to as Preventive Maintenance Software) is an essential tool for facilities looking to ensure effective maintenance of their equipment as well as extend their asset life. This is because of their ability to streamline maintenance operations through efficient...

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