New Feature Highlights

Introducing NEXGEN version 11.4…

Some of our key updates include:

  • NEW Estimated/Actual Cost Footers for Work Order Zones: Users will now be able to see the estimated and actual costs of resources, items, and miscellaneous costs. No need to calculate separately!
  • UPDATED GIS Toolbar: The GIS toolbar has been redesigned. Now, the toolbar will be docked and will feature a simplified UI. Users will no longer have issues with toolbar items disappearing from view when increasing their zoom extent.
  • NEW Linked Work Order Asset Option: Easily add assets to linked WOs when creating a new Linked WO. Instead of having to manually add the same asset to a Linked WO, a window pop-up will ask you to select the assets you’d like to carry over.
  • NEW Automatically Attach Inspections and CAs to PMs/PdMs: Users will now be able to designate one Inspection type and Condition Assessment type to automatically attach to PM and PdM work orders.
  • UPDATED Wildcard Search When Adding Items to WOs: Users will now be able to use the “%” sign to use multiple terms when trying to add items to WOs. Terms used with the wildcard operator “%” can be in any order. (Ex. To find any items with the words tool and pump in their name, type in “tool%pump”, regardless of the order in which these terms appear in an item name, the list will show all items with the words tool and pump in its name.)
  • NEW Supersede Runtime Meter Schedules: Users can now organize PM meter schedules to supersede each other. Use the “Supersede Schedules” option on PMs to determine which meter reading supersedes the others. PM schedules with multiple meter reading schedules should be reviewed as the default setting for this feature is to have supersede turned on for multiple meter schedules on one PM.

Visit the links below to learn more about our new features and enhancements!! For a link to our full release notes click here.