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Some of our major updates include:
  1. New multi-factor authentication option – NEXGEN Administrators and individual users now have the option to turn on MFA. Users can further secure their accounts to ensure only they have access.
  2. New Event PM feature – Users can now create event PMs that will allow them to fire multiple PMs at a time. Event PMs can be scheduled to fire independently of individual PM schedules. Users with the need to fire multiple PMs at a time can also choose to manually fire multiple PMs through the Event PM.
  3. New geofence option for PMs – Users can now add assets to PMs by using a geofence. Assets added through a geofence option
  4. New status breadcrumbs on inventory requisitions – Inventory Requisitions will now feature a breadcrumb status bar. System administrators will have the option of adding new statuses to inventory requisitions. End users will be able to change the status of inventory requisitions as they move through different stages of the requisition process.